PTCL Sihala Telephone Exchange Land Dispute After PTCL Privatization

Sihala Telephone exchange land hangs between province, ICT, PTCL
ISLAMABAD (April 19, 2011): Transfer of land of telephone exchange located in Police Training College (PTC) Sihala has become an issue for the police, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration because of procedural complications, Daily Times has learned.

According to sources, after 1971 when Islamabad came into being, training of officers was conducted at the PTC Sihala that was property of provincial government. Islamabad and Rawalpindi, at that time, formed one district and there was only one SSP for the twin cities so the Punjab Government had provided land for the college. Provincial government had also allowed PTCL to construct a telephone exchange on the land of college due to which four kanals of land were handed over to PTCL but as PTCL was then a state-owned organization so no one bothered to transfer the land in favour of it. In May 1982 Islamabad was declared a district so all the land relevant to Islamabad was transferred in favour of ICT administration and once again no one bothered to transfer the land in favour of PTCL. BUT now as PTCL has been privatized and management has been transferred to a company named Etisalat so new management realized the issue and filed an application with ICT administration to transfer the land in favour of it.
ICT administration started considering the application but due to all this mess 3 months have past by without any progress on the issue. PTCL officials told this scribe that their land transfer application was rejected twice by ICT. Apart this impasse on disputed piece of land, it is extremely hard for any individual to get his land transferred by ICT administration. Masses complain they are made shuttlecock between different departments of ICT administration in this regard.

(Published in “Dailytimes” on April 20, 2011)

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  1. your report is well and good . you have an some mistake in this report . first of all you are not clear about the land dispute , that on which reasons this dispute are accrued, and how many steps are involved in the solution of this dispute

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