PTCL Super Sunday Offer (Valid from May 1, 2011)

Pakistan Largest Landline telephone company, PTCL has introduced a new promotion of Unlimited On-Net Calls (Local & Nation Wide) on Sundays effective May 01, 2011 for a period of two months. All PTCL landline Customers will now be able to make unlimited calls from their PTCL Landlines on PTCL Network (Landline and Vfone) for 24hrs on Sundays.  As per the promotion PTCL landline telephones line rent will increase from existing Rs. 174 per month to Rs. 199 per month (excluding tax) and this increase will be compensated by free on-net calls to all PTCL landline numbers on Sundays.

Important Features of Landline Phone:
1- PTCL Landline offers customized packages and call rates according to customer needs.
2- PTCL land line offers the most economical call rates
3- PTCL Landline provides unmatched voice clarity
4- PTCL Landline has the largest network spread across the country

Super Sunday Offer Details:
1- Line rent: Rs 199
2- Free minutes : Unlimited On net calls (PSTN to PSTN and PSTN to Vfone numbers) on Sundays

Note: This promotion is valid till 30th June, 2011

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