PTCL Unlimited calls (on-net) on Sundays (From Landline to Landline & Vfone)

PTCL Unlimited On net calls on Sundays (From Landline to Landline & Vfone) : Increased Line Rent form Rs. 174 to Rs. 199 :
Islamabad (Thursday, April 28, 2011): Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced Unlimited On-Net Calls on Sundays effective from May 01, 2011 for a period of two months. All PTCL landline Customers will now be able to make Unlimited calls on PTCL Network (Landline and Vfone) for 24hrs on Sundays.
As per the promotion PTCL landline telephones line rent will increase from existing Rs. 174 per month to Rs. 199 per month (excluding tax and this increase will be compensated by free on-net calls to all PTCL landline numbers on Sundays. This new calling incentive has been introduced to encourage the landline usage among residential customers and to keep them connected to their loved ones without worrying about the charges. With this new initiative
PTCL intends to address the needs of our valued and budget conscious customers in the most effective and affordable way possible. SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed Stated that PTCL always provides best service and packages to its customers and this particular incentive of free on-net calls will enable all PTCL Landline customers to make longer duration calls to their loved ones without worrying about the bill on Sundays. He further added that PTCL has always and will always strive to provide its customers with the best and most affordable services.
Aasif Inam EVP Wire-line Business said this step will reinforce PTCL’s image as a customer oriented organization .He further stated that it is our top priority to facilitate our customers to the maximum keeping in mind the needs of our customers by giving Unlimited On-Net Calls on Sundays against a nominal increase in line rent.
Further information can be obtained from PTCL Help line: 1236 or from PTCL franchise and one-stop shops.


  1. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    Good trick!! to increase line rent.

  2. PTCL increase line rent in this view decrease Land Line
    This is bad for PTCL.
    poor people cannot afford.
    bay food or pay bill every month bills are increased by govt of Pakistan.
    increase oil bill every month.
    and now phone bill.


  3. it is veri good pakkage if the u fone also in this pakkage ptcl sevp thankes for this pakkage

  4. It is not good for PTCL.If less the line rent in the intrest of PTCL.

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