PTCL Upgraded DSL 1 Mbps into 2 Mbps Data Rate

PTCL upgrades its Broadband DSL 1Mbps into 2 Mbps Data Rate
Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD (PTCL) has upgraded its 1mbps connections to 2mbps for all its existing and new potential broadband customers throughout the country without any extra charges.
Under the newly announced package, the 1mbps connection has been powered up to 2mbps for the same price of Rs 1199 per month giving the unique experience of 2mbps speed to its customers for the rate of 1mbps. PTCL broadband gives its customers more for less, with an automatic upgradation valid for three months and after that period, if desired, the customers can switch back to 1mbps by dialing 1236 and confirming it with the representative.
SEVP commercial Naveed Saeed viewed this upgradation as a great pleasure for Pakistan Telecommunication Company to provide PTCL customers with an experience of 2mbps speed for the price of 1mbps. He stated that this upgradation supports our aim to provide uninterrupted service to all our existing and new customers at extremely affordable rates. This newly offered data rate will have an added effect of segmenting our customers; he further added that keeping in mind the needs of PTCL customers, we will introduce more such offers to facilitate the users in future; PTCL has always and will always strive to provide its customers with the best and most affordable services.
Aasif Inam EVP Consumer Services said that PTCL Broadband is providing the most affordable high-speed internet in Pakistan and by this upgradation PTCL has again reinforced its commitment to provide its customers with seamless services to fulfill the requirements of all the segments of the rapidly growing family of PTCL Broadband customers. He further stated that the PTCL team is working day and night for the facilitation of customers and PTCL in future will also come up with such facilities that would further enhance PTCL image as a customer friendly service provider.


  1. I am using 1mbps DSL connection. In March 2011 a lady from the ptcl offered me 2mbps DSL connection which I REFUSED. Despite that I got the charges of Rs.1499 for the 2mbps in the bill for the month of March 2011. This is not a fair business. I have informed the ptcl through 1236 recently NOT to upgrade my DSL connection from 1mbps to 2mbps.

  2. Mirza Riaz Baig says:

    But my PC is showing 100 mbps still.I have student package .What is the matter?

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