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PTCL VSS Scheme is not being Revised – SEVP Mazhar Hussain

PTCL VSS Scheme is not being Revised or Reviewed – SEVP Mazhar Hussain

Islamabad (Daily “DailyTimes Lahore” / Published on 18/08/2012) – Talking to media person in context of recently launched VSS scheme SEVP HR PTCL Mr. Syed Mazhar Hussain emphasised that the offered scheme is beneficial for the employees and has been designed in a way so that employees get the maximum benefit. The primary objective of this scheme is to provide a unique opportunity to the employees to secure a better future for them and their families. This offer is truly voluntary in nature and nobody is being forced to opt for it.”

PTCL’s VSS your Choice – a banner

Clarifying some of the rumors in this regard, Hussain told that the VSS scheme is not being revised or reviewed, neither are there any chances of PTCL pay scales being revised in near future and employees can choose to opt for this scheme at their own will.”
Concluding his discussion, Hussain reiterated that PTCL has not been instructed by any court regarding the pay scales or the VSS and this scheme is progress. There is only a bunch of miscreants who are trying to mislead the employees on these issues for their personal gains and we are confident that no employee is paying any heed to the machinations of such anti-employee elements. We are confident that our employees will make the correct decision of opting for VSS for their own and their families’ better future and not pay heed to a few disgruntled elements.

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  1. aik aik ptcl workers ko to lat mar kar nikal do jab he ptcl ki halat theak hoge.kamenay haram khor log paisy kay begar to apnay bap ko bhee nahee phechantay.har chese ka rate laga kar rhaka line shaheh karnay kay itnay.new connection kay itnay.agar itnay achay worker ho to private company may jaoo.1 rupay ke to uqat nahee bataay karnay k paisay day do

  2. This is Vss? were is (pur kashish)? This Vss is not full of Kashish olny pur. it,s only joke with PTCL employees.

    shame on ptcl menagement.

  3. Aslam o Alaikum,

    Complete failure this VSS is because of PTCL Management. They are neither giving their own company scale nor Govt of Pakistan Scale. Sencondly, The VSS offer to 12000 those workers who have neither Pension Nor Medical Facility. If Management wants this VSS successful, they will have to revise VSS keeping in view 15 years Pension and 2011 scale. Nothing else.

    Thanks to all


  4. It is our humble request that cost of Training in China to AM scheduled during 2012 may kindly be waive off and relieve those who want to quit PTCL for better salary package available in other department.
    I have been selected but I am compelled to pay this amount though it is out of resources.
    I having nothing to say but nice expereince in PTCL I will not forget it and conduct of my supriors were unforgetable. I pray for their longlife and prosperity.
    God bless to every member of PTCL my love for all from top to bottom who kept me comfert
    best Regards
    Submitted to Mr. Mazhar Hussain

  5. asslam o alykum Aadhi rooti ko chor kar pori ki taraf bhago ge to fayda kuch nahi piche Aadhi rooti bhi koi or le ja sakta he to sathiyon boora nahi manna jo loog le na chate hain lene do ho sakta he app loogon ke comment ki vajha se un ki ghar ki majboori main izaf ho ja A or umer 50 sall or 5 bati ghar per jehez ki wajha bethi hoon sub allha per bhroosa rakkho intezamian ne kaha he app ki marzi jo lene wale hoonge to is main apni koi bhtri jante hoonge

  6. shame for vss death of small workers program ? first of all Clear the workers True Rights still pending due then Workers Ready for VSS . Every Rights of Employees Still pending ignored from long time ? 1)pay revised 2011 2) Non-gazetted staff promotion due pending ? We Requested to Chudary Iftikhar Ahmed sahib C J of Pakistan Please please consideration Non-gazetted staff problems still not any justice from ptcl Management with ppp Government .

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