PTCL Workers Dharna – Jang, Pakistan Lahore, and TheNews Reports Dated 01-09-2010:

PTCL Workers Dharna – Jang and TheNews Dated 01-09-2010:

PTCL- Workers Entered into PTCL H/Q – row over salary raise flares up:
On Tuesday August31, 2010, Ongoing tussle between the Workers Alliance and management of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) further flared up after the former announced to stage a sitin outside the PTCL headquarters while the management decided to take action against the protesters under the law.
PTCL administrators have decided to approach the district administration of Islamabad to arrest the leaders of the Workers Alliance to “protect its building and installations against any harm”.
The PTCL workers are on strike since August 16 over Salary Package 2010. The strike resulted in virtual halt of almost all PTCL services including 1217, 1218, OSS centres and others.
The PTCL management and Labour Union leaders held inconclusive talks for more than two days and on the last day workers announced to hold a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the company till the acceptance of their demands. The workers from all parts of the country will participate in the protest.
Malik Maqbool Hussain, Hammad Hassan and Rana Mohammad Hassan told this reporter that they were ready to face any action on the part of the management. “Our struggle is completely peaceful. Our demand is pay raise by 50% on our current basic salaries as per the government notification, medical allowance, Eid reward and promotion to all.”
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) issued a statement that after privatisation of the company it is a privately run organization, which follows private sector practices for the betterment of its employees. The current announcement of the Government of Pakistan giving 50 percent raise in salaries does not apply to the company. However, keeping in mind the inflation and employees’ well being, the company has offered the most adequate compensation package for its employees with a raise of 30 percent on their running pay and 20 percent December and June performance-based raise in terms of good conduct, punctuality and discharge of their normal duties.
It was further added that PTCL management has decided to allow the placement of all non-management regular employees in the next higher scale as per the channel of promotion on account of 12 years service. In addition to this Eid bonus has been announced for all employees on the occasion of Eidul Fitr.
It has been said that though it was not mandatory for the PTCL to raise its employees’ salary but employees being the most valued asset of the company, their well-being and benefits have always been kept the top most priority.
There are still some elements that are propagating and instigating employees, exploiting and staging protests for their own vested interests, ignoring the collective larger interest of all worker, the company says.
These elements are completely oblivious to the tormented times our country and nation is going through in the face of widespread devastation caused by the flood, which has also grossly effected the PTCL operations. Rather they are taking advantage of the country and PTCL situation and have resorted to exploitative tactics to gain their own personal motives. And their apathetic behaviour has actually brought forward their deceitful intentions towards their fellow colleagues, company and country at large. The PTCL urged the employees to return back to their normal day-to-day duties in the interest of the company.

PTCL workers strike cripples business, trade activities:
Ongoing strike from Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) employees is badly affecting the business and trade activities in the country.
Telephones and faxes, which are becoming out of order, are not being repaired, and the online service being provided by the banks and other large institutions either has totally suspended or become slow. Thebanking sources said that the whole online network depends on PTCL and if that network becomes non-functioning due to the strike there (PTCL) then it cannot be repaired. Due to this strike, 24 hours helpline service from different financial institutions has become suspended, sources added.
Bankers say huge problems are being faced in the online money transfer, and email and Internet services are also suspended. Some of service providers have failed to continue Internet service. The chief executive of a private firm said trade and business activities have been badly affected due to the strike in the PTCL.
Due to the strike, the email and Internet service has either been closed or has been very slow due to which the exchange of documents and email service is badly affected. It is very difficult to run business in such conditions.
Similarly, when someone phones on the helpline and call centres established by the banks or other organisations, he receives the response that the link is down, therefore, no information could be shared. When someone asks when the link would be restored, he gets reply that nothing could be said in this regard.
Traders, industrialists and bankers are of the view that if the situation persisted, it would badly damage the business activities and it would also negatively impact the economy. It merits a mention here that the PTCL employees are on strike for raise in their salaries since August 16, 2010.

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  1. What will happen next,I am watching this drama for two weeks as my phone is dead for two weeks.Please move toward settlement of this problem. But now this is moving no where.

  2. i condem ptcl management that they are earning billions as a net profit and hesitating to increase few thousand in employees salary shame on u arabs aheikh vulgar management go from pakistan bastarads sheikhs and their pimps

  3. Abdullah! Strike back by NOT paying the bill for the duration.

  4. I think it going on to be settlement of the issue, If there is no taout/trater in between the workers and Management.

  5. Interesting, finally the PTCL salary-fighters reach the company’s EMPTY brain, who are issuing empty threats since weeks without using the real force.

    We the poor customers are being charged for this ALL KABADY-PLAY AND NO WORK PERIOD.

    May Allah bless our country in this holy month of Ramadhan.

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