PTCL’s Management Trainees in Technology & Business Skills Trained

PTCL trainings of 29 management trainees in technology and business skills:

Successful Management Trainees of Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd (PTCL) a six – week course, who recently completed training at Telecom Staff College, Haripur with PTCL GM Trainings, Ahmed Jalal (center).

Islamabad (February 7, 2012) : Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has successfully trained 29 young engineers as management trainees and future leaders of tomorrow who posses sound knowledge of the telecom giant as well as the telecommunications industry of Pakistan.
A group of 29 young engineers selected from all over the country were trained as PTCL Management Trainees in an intensive six-week training program held at PTCL Telecom Staff College in Haripur. The program was especially structured to cover diverse areas of PTCL’s technical operations and business knowledge, as well as its leading role in shaping the future of Pakistan’s flagship sector.
“PTCL takes special interest in developing exceptional human capital to meet the challenging needs of today’s competitive marketplace,” said Senior Executive President, Syed Mazhar Hussain. “Our management trainees’ program is an important initiative to provide a unique and exhilarating learning experience to newly inducted members in the Company.”
During their training program, participants spent extensive time experimenting with PTCL’s state of the art laboratories, equipment and network infrastructure dedicated for hands-on learning experience for trainees. They declared their experience as most valuable and memorable for anyone starting a career with the telecom Company.
“PTCL takes a special pride in training its young leaders so they may become dynamic and productive in all spheres of life,” said General Manager Training & Development, Ahmed Jalal. “We believe that if young professionals exert more during their formative phase, they can emerge as thorough professionals. PTCL wants to be the first institution to give them this opportunity.”
(Published in PTCL Official Website)

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