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PTCL’s pursuit of innovation place it closer to consumer : Naveed Saeed SEVP

PTCL’s pursuit of innovation place it closer to consumer : Naveed Saeed SEVP PTCL

Karachi (March 21, 2012): Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Senior Executive Vice President Commercial, Naveed Saeed has said that his company’s sustained pursuance of innovation has brought it closer to its consumers and given it a remarkable competitive edge over other market players.

“Our journey over the last five years has had a profound impact on how businesses deal with people and how people evolve their businesses,” said Mr. Saeed during his remarks delivered at the one-day Marketing Conference (MarCon) 2012 organized by the Marketing Association of Pakistan in Karachi.
The conference entitled “New Trends and Insights in Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage” was attended by more than 600 marketing and branding professionals, and was broadcast live on the Internet. Prominent speakers from the field addressed the forum and shared with the marketing fraternity their insights and experiences on emerging trends and practices.
“At PTCL, we have a big appetite for innovation,” said Mr. Saeed during his presentation entitled ‘Creating and Sustaining Innovation in Marketing’. “Pursuance of innovation drives us to perform and each step has brought us closer to our consumers.”
Mr. Saeed said that PTCL has gained a distinct competitive edge over other telecom operators because of its continued introduction of innovative products and services that are in line with consumers’ needs. Comprising the ‘PTCL Eco System’, these include Phone, Internet, IPTV, Videophone, Wireless, On the Go Cloud, Tablet, Smartphone and IPTV on Tablet.
Mr. Saeed spoke at length about the emerging new trends in the fields of marketing and communications. He stressed the importance of viral space digital marketing, social media Internet marketing and mobile marketing as the essential new tools for companies wanting to maintain innovative edge over others.
“Today, we are living in a new marketing millennium in which technology is impacting marketing,” said Mr. Saeed. “PTCL’s technology shift has also brought a marketing shift for the company in which we are focusing on the futuristic innovation of our products and services for consumers.”
PTCL SEVP Commercial said that his company’s endeavors have not only brought about a dynamic change in its perception and redefined its image, but they are now also changing the lifestyles of its customers. PTCL products and services are creatively addressing affordability, quality, utility and identity needs of consumers, he said.
“With PTCL’s right investments, agile network, sharp understanding of emerging technologies and customer centric products, we are clearly focused on understanding and meeting our customers’ aspirations,” said Mr. Saeed.
(Published in PTCL Official Website)

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  1. It was a great conference showcasing the Who’s Who of Pakistan’s marketing world and comprising of presentations that revealed a plethora of marketing insights that enriched the learning of all marketers attending it.

    Mr. Naveed’s presentation was good as well though it would have been good if he had talked about some of the shortcomings of PTCL as well instead of just highlighting the advantages. That would have really endeared the PTCL brand to the marketers present there because not a single marketer or brand manager spoke about the foibles of his brand.

    Mr. Naveed could have made a difference by breaking away from the rest of the pack.

    Of course the conference itself had its share of shortcomings as well, most notably the cramped seating arrangement which may do for a few hours event but is debilitating for a full-day event. Then there was the time management issue, with the event ending 1.5 hours late than the scheduled close. But all in all it was a conference worth attending.

    A comprehensive coverage of the event is available here for those who missed these marketing gems:


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