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Punctuality Policy for PTCL Employees

Punctuality Policy for PTCL Employees

Dear All,

Management has taken strict measures against employees who remain ABSENT from duty without intimation or not marking Attendance:

Actions to be taken against Absent Employees are stated as follows:

a.      Employees should submit their Leaves before or after availing leave and get it approved by the respective authority by the end of each month.
b.      The Absent period for which leave is not applied or rejected would be considered as Leave without Pay. Salary deductions would be made accordingly.

No of Absent          Actions to be taken

1 & 2 days            Deduct Leave from Balance as per Absentees

3 – 7 days            Deduct 1 Day Salary and deduct remaining days from his/her Leave balance

More 7 days           Deduct 2 Days Salary and remaining days Leave from his Leave balance as per case to case.
Actions to be taken against Employees NOT marking Attendance are stated as follows:

Three days (3) will be liable for one day salary deduction.
Six Days (6) will be liable for two day salary deduction.
Nine Days (9) will be liable for three day salary deduction and so on.

All employees are advised to practice discipline in the best interest of the company and their own selves.


ACS TEAM ( MP & Cord.)

About Tahir Iqbal

PTCL Worker at Switching EWSD Multan Qualification = DAE (electrical) + BS(CS)


  1. Dear all,

    It is a positive step taken by the management,but is regretted to say that it applies only on hardworker employess which lead them to complexity.Eearlier said well my friend that some employees getting the salaries but they are abroad.

    Further more, its realy penched us that management circulars are only to bless Etisalat administration while it is totally opposite of ground realities.

    At the end i would like to say on such circular that for Allah sack be practical and focus all your energies for the betterment of company instead of harsh and rude behave with the sincere employee whose at one stage this company earned 32 billions.

  2. Dear ACS TEAM MP & Cord

    Why are doing your job like a puppet or robot,do some practical action
    specially against those who never come on duty and the belong to any political influence in Karachi,some name from Nazimabad Exchange and Pakcapital Exchange are as mention under

    1.Shahnawaz ESP Nazimabad Getting regularly salary from two years residing in USA Washington DC
    2.Amir Arsahd S/O Retird ESP Molana Asad Nazimabad Physically absent but getting salary ( never attend)
    3.Amir from P/C
    4.Salim shahid

    some others are also not in Pakistan but getting salary please ask from Corrupt Sr.Engineers,Manager,and Asst.Managers.

  3. Aoa
    my dear ptcl management
    All ptcl employees are very happy for your increasing pay 20% with arrears.All are praying for you.but we ask you that what is criteria of persons whom this allowance was not settled.if a divisional engineer sent a very good report about employee.because a divisional engineer having best opinion about his employee.but his remarks /ACR Ignores management.and 20% pay with arrears does not fitted in his pay then what management will do.it is my opinion that management should contact with reply all employees 5% that why he has having bad performance .
    may God you live long

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