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Request For Renovate Under Ground Cables And DP’S Network : Letter to CTO PTCL From a CSR

Request For Renovate Under Ground Cables And DP’S Network : Letter to CTO PTCL From a CSR:






It has been noted that we linemen (csr) have problems in the field becoz the network is to much bad and low some pics attached with mail.quality of services not maintained till today.

1=  Dp’s posts are not on ptcl level mostly posts are not straight we (linemen) can’t climb without ladder and ladders are not providing in any section of every lineman(csr) for better network and also for save’s our life.

2=  Dp’s covers are with strips are mostly faculties and mostly are without covers that reason FOG and DROPS at nights in winter without covers dps numbers dead and also at night DSL  speed slow browsing becoz without covers dp’s can’t give speed of DSL these are reasons complaints are up to up.

3=  GI pipes are not available with dp posts cables tails are directly through with DP STRIPS  or tails directly through with DROP WIRES which i show you in attachments.

4=  The time of installation of NTC  we never provide DROP WIRE CLAMP  WITH HOOKS  this is the reason lineman can’t  give better service to customers

5=  DSL  customers are mostly fed up with the service of ptcl becoz they never got proper speed continually becoz quality of net work not as per PTCL  rules.

6=  LACK  of communication between lineman with all internal staff of every exchange in MTR if internal departments give response which numbers complaints faulty from insides i hope we can give better service to customers and save the customers.

7=  Mostly numbers complaints registered when unauthorized FAKE closing numbers from MDF the time of punching telephone sets in MDF jumpers loose the other numbers which equipments jumpers touched with FAKE closing jumpers that reason mostly complaints cleared from MDF.

8=  Respectfully you can check only those numbers are going to long durations which are faulty underground Primary Cables and Secondary Cables and then  FAKE  closed from MDF, CALL TRANSFER, NRB, FAKE MOBILE NUMBER OF CUSTOMER.

Respectfully sir these are some problems in the field about quality and assurance if we have provide better network i hope lineman of every section in MTR and whole Pakistan will give better service to customer and also will boost revenue of PTCL.

save ptcl, save customer, save employees, save budget

wellwisher lineman(csr) multan


Posted By:

Ali Raza CSR
Email: ptcl05@gmail.com

About Tahir Iqbal

PTCL Worker at Switching EWSD Multan Qualification = DAE (electrical) + BS(CS)


  1. it is submitted that i was appointed as T/tech on regular basis on 27-01-1986.further more it is submitted that i have also succwssfully completed E.S-ii course in 1992-1993 sir, i have rendered 25 years un blamish service in the cadre of T/tech my qualification is F.S.C(pre -engineering) under the facts stated above it is humbly requested that i may very kindly be promoted as E.S as regular basis in the same analogy and grounds as per previous pratice adopted by your kind honour.hoping that my humble request will receive a kind &Sympathetic Consideration.
    Thanking You in anticipation
    yours obediently
    muhammad Saleem T/Tech ngn c5 operation centre cth building 1 Mcleod road lahore

  2. IT IS VERY SORRY TO STATE THAT AFTER 10 Nov,11,no news about the upgradation of stenographers/ps has not been published in the daily newspaper exprees,whenever we read the newspaper than all news about thefts,politicians,whose collecting dollars from the others countries as a agents,and no any one thinks about our low paid govt:servants,now the summary is in the office of the Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan for approval but we dont know about the latest position,it is requested to the express newspaper authorities to publish our news for upgradation as early as possible.THNAKS.

  3. weldone mr ali raza you show the mirror of daily roteen work from bm’s
    and verywell filter the problems and externel network

  4. good observation and identification and salotions

  5. In the old times Head of T&T was making annual inspections to certain areas of country to be aware of the problems.

    Now Officers of PTCL headquarters never visit the field. They only work in the rooms of PTCL headquters and do correspondence in files!!!

    The problem will never be solved until and unless a high powered technical team lead by the higher management from PTCL Headquarters, visits the outside plant & other problem areas.

    The localities to be visited must include old mohalla and congested areas etc. for example, Raja Bazar Rawalpindi, Gawalmandi Lahore, likewise areas in other cities.

    Hopefully it will not be done!!!

  6. External network is really in very bad condition ant it needs to be improved.It is good effort from a csr.

  7. Its good move but it had better had the complainant consulted some experienced hand before submitting as the draft has lot of room for further improvement. This is high time for the management to improve the Company’s network if they are really interested to compete in the open market.

  8. very well remarks about external network

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