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ROZEE.PK’s crime survey – Majority crimes in Karachi and Lahore committed at gunpoint

ROZEE.PK’s crime survey: Majority crimes in Karachi and Lahore committed at gunpoint.

Karachi, 7% of the reported cell phone thefts were successfully recovered


Lahore (Friday, December 21, 2012) – ROZEE.PK’s latest survey aimed to map out the areas that have been more susceptible to theft by thoroughly analyzing the four most common types of robbery cases committed in Pakistan. The findings draw out a common pattern of these thefts committed across Pakistan to help individuals becoming wary in future.

Rozee.pk Survey

Commenting on the findings, Mr. Monis Rahman, CEO ROZEE.PK, said, “This survey provides great insights into the crime patterns developing across our country. There are numerous factors that these stats can be attributed to, such as the rising unemployment along with the ever increasing cost of living. This is another one of ROZEE.PK’s surveys that reveals a lot about what our society is going through at a macro level. Despite the troubling trends, it is heartening to see that our law enforcement agencies are actually trying to keep up pace with the growing crime for instance in Karachi, 7% of the reported cell phone thefts were successfully recovered and 1 in 5 people who lost a phone in Islamabad recovered their phone, making this city having the highest recovery rate.”

Respondent across Pakistan were asked if they have been a victim to any of the four types of thefts, Cell Phone, Wallet/Identity, Vehicle and House Robbery. More than 1000 respondents across 88 cities in Pakistan took the survey and 80% respondents across Pakistan reported being a victim of at least one type of theft. 90% of respondents who became victims of robbery were males; the percentage of female victims is highest in Islamabad-Rawalpindi of the four top cities.

Of the theft cases reported by the respondents, 54% were cell phone thefts, 22% wallet thefts, 13% house robberies, and 10% vehicle thefts.Contrary to popular perception, Karachi (71%) a majority of respondents from both Islamabad (35%) and Lahore (45%) reported cell phone thefts as the most common theft amongst other given types.

Of the stolen vehicles, a majority of bikes (58%) were reported to have been the target of robbers than cars (42%) nationwide. A whopping 47% of stolen bikes were reported to be Honda CD70, whereas 24% were Honda CG125 worth an average Rs. 60,000. Of the stolen cars, 40% were cheaper cars (Suzuki) worth less than Rs. 500,000 whereas 42% were more expensive cars (Toyota, Honda) worth an average Rs. 750,000.

The ratio of house robberies occurring in broad daylight is much higher in case of house robberies unlike the cases of cell phone/wallet snatchings and vehicle thefts. 22% house break-ins took place in the morning, the percentage highest across all three types of thefts. 65% house robberies in Karachi, 55% in Islamabad, and 42% in Lahore took place before sunset.

The top three areas where most cell phone thefts have occurred in Lahore are Johar Town, Township and Gulshan-Ravi and Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Sharah-e-Faisal, Gulistan-e-Johar and Nazimabad in Karachi.

Surprisingly, a substantially large number of thefts have occurred near the victim’s house. The second top spot where most robberies have taken place are the traffic signals. A massive 93% cell phone and wallet snatchings each in Karachi and 86% cell phone thefts in Lahore were committed at gunpoint.

A meager 30% of cell phone robberies, 46% wallet snatchings, 86% vehicle thefts and 72% house robberies were reported to the Police by the victims. 24% victims of cell phone robberies nationwide now report they keep a spare cell phone in fear the one they have is snatched from them again. This rate is consistent across all four cities (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi).


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