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PTCL increases Employees Salaries w.e.f July, 2011 – Non-Management 10-20%, Management 5-15%

Dear all PTCL Employees,
The management has decided to award salary raise to PTCL employees as per the details contained in the annexed notification (Urdu and English). We sincerely hope that our employees in all ranks will exert more efforts and work harder to improve the performance and results of the company so that they can avail more rewards and benefits in future.

Shahzad Safdar Khan
EVP OD & (Training and Career Dev)


Download Pay Increase Notification Dated 24-06-2011 in Urdu & English bellow (at the end of this news)


No. HR/Salary/2011/I                                           Dated: June 24th, 2011

Inter Office Memo

Subject:      Salary Increase for PTCL Employees

We    are  pleased   to  announce    that  effective  1st July  2011,   salaries  of  PTCL
employees will be increased as explained below:

1.    Non-Management Employees:

All   non-management   employees (Grade  1 to 16   or  equivalent) will   get
an allowance equal to 10% of their Running Basic Pay.

In addition to this, another allowance, up to 10% of Running Basic Pay,
will also be given w.e.f. 1st  July 2011 to all non-management employees
based   on   their   performance   evaluation   for   the   year   ending   30th June

2.    Management Employees:

All management        employees     will  be  given    an  additional    allowance,
ranging    from   15%    to  5%   of  the  Running   Basic   Pay,  based   on  their
performance evaluation results and categorization.

The  Management   sincerely   hopes   that   our   employees   in   all   ranks   will   exert
more efforts and work harder to improve the performance and results of the
company so that they can avail more rewards and benefits in future.

Best regards.



Pay Notifications



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  1. mr nasir be hiss kom ke liya ye 20% acha faisla ha Ap ne Dekha nahe ki motor cycle house building fund go nahe dia gya tha court stay ke waja se JUNE ME WOH fund kiss tarah MANAGEMENT ke agento ko Double doule Dia gya 20% per khamoshi RAHE

  2. 20% kese thik ha ap ko BASIC ME KIA MILA TUM

  3. This is a good decission of PTCL Manamagement, I hope that PTCL Management will follow the notification of GOP regarding revision of scales of his workers, I hope PTCL Will endorse the notification fo 15% enhancement of salary announced by GOP in budget 2011-12, to enahce the image of PTCL workers and workers will become more honest with their job and work hard to ehance the revenue/sale & more win back of the company.

  4. ETISALAT management of PTCL notification dated 24.06.2011 in connection of salary increase for PTCL employees clearly violation of GOP orders. It should manage increases in salaries & pension in accordance of budget 2011-12 announcement. Democratic institution in Pakistan may please take note of injustice activities of ETISALAT & take appropriate action against them. The attitude of EITSALAT conspiracy on behalf of Pakistan enemies to harm democratic institutions in Pakistan.

  5. Mr. Nasir Very fine. After 5 years Managmnet not get the confidance of his employees, and cannot satisfied his employee uptill now, due to the destroyed workeres poliies,

  6. Boti dey ker – Raan dabali. Saved merging of adhoc allowances into basic. Which is the most important key factor to increase the salary. The most important factor in case of vss scheme if announced. Retirement fund and pension amount.

    Congratulation to management to announced earlier and boti dey ker raan dabali.


  7. aoa
    mr nasir all try is useless to wake up the employs. mangment has destroy brain of worker by giving extra powers to bm’s. and there is no fair way to point out the misuse of these ……… powers

  8. Attiq ur Rehman

    Thank you very much to all PTCL Management who make this decision….
    We all PTCL workers assure you that we will spare no pain to satisfy you with our sincerity and hard work. Insha Allah

  9. AOA,,,to all innocent PTCL employees who are thanking the PTCL management for giving them the 10% lolly pop instead of 15% of their actual right.U can say its only a Bhagte Chorr ki Langoti nothing else.My brothers u hv a very volatile memory if u don’t mind I’ll try to remind u what promises PTCL management made and not yet fulfilled.As in this budget Govt announced 15% increase along with all adhoc allowances till 2009 submerged in the basic pay and adhoc allowance of 2010 will be submerged as well in June 2012 also 25% increase in conveyance allowance from July 2011 for BPS 1-16.According to this criteria a person with 10,000 basic pay shall got approx 7000 increase in the salary while PTCL is giving u 1000 increase n other 1000 depending on performance.PTCL management has mentioned nothing in this regard.Once again they did what they can do the best, means deceasing the employee’s rights and cunning policies to deceive them by giving them lolly pops.Plz wake up and fight for ur rights or else we can only pray that may ALLAH have Mercy on ur poor innocent souls.

  10. This is a good decission of PTCL Manamagement, we will also appriciate the scale revision of the PTCL employee, according the Govt Rules, without improving the standard of live of PTCL employee managment cannot get the trust of employees, wtihout trust working cannot performed there duties honestly, and fault will be rectified only in MDF room

  11. assalalm-o-alikum

    thanks all management

    very good step without any agitaion.

  12. will the case be same for Revised BPS 2011 ? or this is to deceive the intention of workers like did in the past …….. wish the best of luck

  13. AOA,

    It is very positive Step of early declared of salary notification,from PTCL,But It is crystal cleared that in this Year Salary increase-2011,Conveyance allowance(25%) increased is overlooked,as Medical allowance(100%)increased was overlooked in salary increase in Last year.2010.

  14. very good news thanks early implement of pay package

  15. wonder full thankes ptcl mangment we all worker are very happey we work hard for ptcl in feuture please see all rightes of ptcl workeres and pensioneres according to government roules

  16. AOA
    what is performance??????
    By GOD it is only the performance that the person who is much needed for DE,SE,or other office in-charge…for his own some domestic works..it is performance of the person..?????
    I swear of GOD that i challenge my all division persons that they do not having knowledge of my division work.Our division is key of PTCL in Pakistan.My colleagues do work with my help. But i was unable for 20% increase in pay my all colleagues get 20% pay increase.these are remarks of my divisional Engineer for me.
    Dear chairman PTCL kindly interview of all persons who were not eligible for 20% pay increase.You will be find with proofs the DE,s SE,s BM,s who are only getting pay from ptcl but they are zero.these no needy DE.s SE,s BM,s only working on the base of these no needed employees.May God prosperous PTCL. PTCL is our mother.we shall care it.We love ptcl

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