Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Up-gradation soon

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Premium Suite Upgradation

Premium Suite release date not confirmed yet by Samsung Electronics

Lahore (December 8,2012 ) – Samsung electronics, a mobile phone manufacturing Korean giant has announced that its flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone will receive the company’s Premium Suite upgrade pack.

Premium Suite Upgradation for Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet
The upgrade, previously announced for the firm’s Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, introduces Page Buddy, a feature that predicts what the users wish to do based on their actions. For example, if one were to plug in headphones, the software will load the music player.

contextual menu
A contextual menu feature will be joining Page Buddy through the Premium Suite upgrade. It enables users to view their most frequently used apps within a single pane, as opposed to an entire list. Users will also be exposed to multiple window support.

Galaxy S3 Reader Mode
The Reader Mode, meanwhile, is now capable of changing text size, as well as giving users the ability to share web pages, accompanied by a Facebook Lock Ticker that depicts a user’s social news feed situated the on Galaxy S3’s lock screen.

Following is the full list of Premium Suite features:

Page Buddy
Contextual Menu
Contextual Tag
Multi Window
Auto Share Shot Paring using NFC
Reader Mode
Facebook Lock Ticker

A release date has yet to be confirmed by Samsung, but it did say “availability and timing” of the update will “vary depending on country and mobile carrier.”

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