Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3: Bigger, Faster, Thinner, and Lighter

Two years back when the engineers and designers at Samsung Corp. came up with the idea of a multifunctional device that can serve as a phone as well as a tablet, everyone was skeptical about its chances of success. Mostly these speculations originated because of its unusually big size. However, when the first Galaxy Note was launched, to everyone’s surprise it turned out to be a huge success. This year Samsung has launched the enhanced version of Galaxy Note 3 with many additional features and fabulous technical specifications.

Samsung Note 3 Front View

Samsung Note 3 Front View

Here is our find on the device, its new look and its enhanced features:


Bigger in size yet lighter in weight than its predecessor Note 2, this majestic   has nailed it with its super cool and better than ever features. Faux leather back casing complemented with stitching details, giving a luxurious touch to the whole experience. Samsung has kept its tradition of bringing something untraditional; something cool yet handy. The innovative design has, therefore, done more than just adding style to the device; it has made it easier to handle the majestic phone despite its bigger size.

Usability & Features:

The S-Pen:

The newest of its generation, Note 3, carries more than just the inherited features of its predecessors to enhance the experience. A notable example in this regard would be the increased usability of the Note series’ signature stylus, the S-pen, which keeps it from becoming just a redundant add-on. The innovative S-Pen features make for an experience you can’t quite find on any other smartphone. Samsung has closed the feature gap a bit by bringing things like multi-view and AirView to the Galaxy S4 and others, but the S-Pen still provides a unique level of productivity that many appreciate.

Super AMOLED Screen:

Galaxy Note 3 will be an experience worth its while especially for those who have a thing about visual elements, thanks to its full HD, 5.7 inches big Super AMOLED display with 1920 x 1080 resolutions makes the graphics and text appear more clearly in high detail.


The Galaxy Note 3 features a 13-megapixel rear camera that takes excellent shots in daylight and good artificial light that undoubtedly put Note 3 ahead of all its rivals in the race. The Galaxy Note 3 includes Dual Camera, Beauty Face, Best Photo, Best Face, Sound & Shot, Drama Shot, Animated Photo, HDR, Eraser, Panorama, and Sports, two new modes Surround Shot Samsung’s version of Photo Sphere and works very similarly and Golf shot allows you to take pictures of a golf swing and play it forward or backward. The Note 3’s rear camera is capable of recording 1080p video and performs well slow, fast and smooth motion videos. Note 3’s Front camera fully HD supported and does great job in video chats, both cameras can be used simultaneously.

The Faster USB Port:

Galaxy Note 3 has introduced many “first-for-smartphones” features; in addition to the aforementioned, a USB 3.0 port is also one of these features. Before this the USB port size in smartphones has always been of 2.0. The purpose of this bigger size is to provide more optimum and faster charging along with much faster data transfers through the USB Cable.

Air Command

By far the biggest change is the Air Command menu that gives you easy access to Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, and Pen Window. It appears automatically when you pull out the S Pen or you can access it by hovering the S Pen close to the display (without touching) until you see a little dot appears and clicking on the button on the S-Pen.

Action Memo

Action memo not only lets you take quick notes but allows you to turn what you have written into actions including directly calling a number you’ve written, saving a name and number as a contact, sending an email to the email address you’ve jotted down, opening up the location you’ve written on Google Maps and creating a to do list of the tasks you’ve written down. For example,just write down a name and a number in Action Memo and click on the “Link to Action” button followed by tapping on the Contacts button. Action Memo will create a new contact with the name in the Name field and the number that you’ve written in the Number field


Another cool feature added in the Galaxy Note 3 is the Scrapbook. Just draw a circle around whatever you want to save after accessing the Scrapbooker from Air Command. You can then save the information in your personal Scrapbook. What’s really cool is that you can use it in virtually any application, and if you do it on a Web page (either Chrome or Samsung’s browser), it will save the URL link as well. This makes it perfect for recipes or anything you might want to save for future use.

Screen Write

Screen Write captures a screenshot and allows you to write a quick note on it, along with editing the size of the screenshot. Using this feature you can now share schedule of your favorite Cricket or Football team by just taking the screenshot and marking it.

S Finder

S Finder is the ultimate tool for searching for items on your device. It will not only look for music, videos, your contacts, and appointments, but it will also search for both text and handwriting in your scrapbook and Notes. You can look up important notes that you marked with a Star, arrow, etc by drawing them right from S Finder.

Pen Window

Pen Window is a smart tool for Multi-Tasking with applications in a popup window. Just draw a box on any screen, and the app of your choosing appears inside. App choices are the Calculator, Clock, YouTube, Phone, Contacts, ChatOn, Hangouts, and Internet. Some third party applications are supported as well.

My Magazine

My Magazine offers a more simplified approach to adding content to your stream and accessing it, in a Magazine Style User Interface. It has 4 categories: News, Personal, Here and Now, and Social. “News” consists of everything from politics, sports, technology, food, etc. “Personal” consists of your calendar, gallery, emails, scrapbook, etc.

Reading Mode

Reading Mode on the Galaxy Note 3 will change the background color& screen brightness on reading applications, so that it’s more soothing on your eyes.

Galaxy Gear:

One of the most talked about devices is Samsung’s smart-watch, the Galaxy Gear. It suffices to say that more than an add-on, the Galaxy Gear can be used a support device that, when combined and linked up with the Galaxy Note 3, will start acting like an extension of the phone. So when one finds oneself in a situation where it is difficult hold the phone in hand but at the same time it is important that one checks that text or call notification, this smart-watch will come in handy and give one the preview of the sender and the text/call. The Galaxy Gear is also compatible with the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and the Galaxy S4. Further devices are being added to the compatibility list as well.

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