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Specification of Shahbaz Sharif Laptop – A Scheme for Punjab’s Students

Specification of Laptop, planned to distribute among One Lac students of Punjab Colleges, Universities and Institutes

Laptops to be distributed to 100,000 brilliant students will have the following Laptop specifications:
Company: Dell
Screen: 14″
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core B950 HM65 chipset
Memory: 2 GB of 3DDR -III Hard Disk: 320 GB with super drive. Targus carrying case
Extended warranty of 15 months on parts as well as battery

(Published on Shahbaz Sharif Page of facebook)

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  1. sir i am studying in Lahore college for women university. sir i am eligible for laptop but our university didn’t gave laptops to few students which were eligible last time & these are also eligible this time kindly sir plz proceed it & plz give us laptop. plzzzzzzz

  2. i study in university which is under fedel government…… to kia mujy zardari sa umeed lagani chahyia :-(…………….
    shabaz shareef sahib hamain be laptop dain…hamara kia kasoor ha:-(

  3. Dear sir kindly i need laptop.you please read me my message

  4. Asslam-o-Alaikum,
    I am Mechanical engineer from UET Taxila. On Friday I have received a Laptop on my name. This is the right effort from Punjab GOVT in the favor of students. Highly appreciable work. Excellent Admn from Mr. Shehbaz Sharif. Not praising to Mr. Shehbaz but Others actions against, Dangie problem, Electricity problem, Water problems, Education problems etc, are admirable. Long live Pakistan.

  5. Assslamu alaikum
    i am glad to see such wonderful comments by my brothers and sisters. i didnt watched laptops but listen a lot bad about laptops but after reading comments i am happy that our Hero did what HE said . long live Pakistan

  6. Assalam-o-alaikum! Laptops shahbaz sharif ko chahiye khi subhi bachoun ko day. first division lena buhat muhskil hai aaj khi dooe main pakistan main kisi ko insaaf nahi milta aur subhi he roo rahe hai humhara first year main bhi result bhi accha nahi aaya aur abh bhi may be accha na aaye shayed main janta houn main nay kitni hard working ki hai aur kia rsult aaya hai mera……………………………………..

  7. Its a grt work done by our grt leadr SIR SHAHBAZ i very easily insil windows in it nd now using net from it grt word SIR u r grttttttt

  8. i have recieved the laptop coz i have got 75% plus marks .hard work comes true and the laptop is working best i have installed the windows 7 drivers all r working good i have no issues i will raise my hand and pray for shahbaz sharif and his thoughts


    apni ghalti ko admit hum log nahi kartay dosray kay uper daltay han yah hum pakistani logo ka almeeya ha

  9. For ones wondering about the specs in detail.
    It has an intel pentium dual core b950(2nd generation sandy bridge processor).
    Gpu is an intel hd 2000 and well you know the rest :P. These laptops are more than capable of performaning your daily task such as word, internet and multimedia 🙂

  10. mr sharif tell these students how laptops are distributed in attock.there are 15 students registered for 250 laptops hence to complete the laptop distribution ceremony random students are selected from different universities having attock domicile like UET chakwal ARID AGRICULTURE etc and are given laptops in attock ceremony. in this way almost 235 laptops are remaining where have they gone think about it?

  11. kia jn students ka kashmir ka domicile ha una laptop nae mla ga

  12. Hey I Was wondering About The GPU( Video Card) I havent been able to find the model and version of it I Know its Intel!!!

  13. the laptop i got from shahbaz sharif heated up and burned.i tried to return it but they are not taking it back.i request to shahbaz sharif shb.please help me and replace it with the other one.thanks.you can email me .getmeifukan@yahoo.com

  14. please change the laptops division policy and make sure that laptop are given to those students who deserve it. thank you.

  15. ………………….. laptop divide karne ki ye koi tarteeb nai ha is ko change kia jay ta k haqdar ko us ka haq milay.

  16. Great Actions followed by great thought, received one yesterday, it will really help students especially from under-privileged class. may Allah help you in your effort.

  17. salam.
    hmari bad luck ye hy k hm ney ese colege sey masters kia jahan sey insan kitni mari mehnat kr lay uski first division ni bn sakti.shayd isi waja sey hm jese log shehbaz sharif sahb jese logon sey ksi bhi inaan k mustahiq ni hain keun k hmari sari mehnat hmari degrees hmary apnay ksi kaam ki ni hain.kash k abilities ko b jana jata kash k ksi ki mehnat ko b observe kia jata.yahan buhat sey ese logon ko laptop mil rahy hain jinki apni koi mehnat hi ni thi just sifarish ya paper pehlay sey pata honey ki waja sey unki first div bni hain aur aaj un jese logon ko inaam mil rahy hain aur hmarey jese log in sab chezon sey mehroom hain.ye sb sirf laptop ki waja sey ni hay keunk laptop to hm khud b purchase kr hi saktay hain baat hy hmarey mulk mein ho ri khulay aam na insafi ki…………

  18. I also want laptop

  19. Sir me also want laptop plz.

  20. kiran rathore! Why don’t you just work hard on your own basis and earn a name for yourself. This world is full of people who care for none. One should’nt rely on someone. You have to make your own way through this world. You have to do for the world, the world does/nt do anything for you except to praise you when you achieve fame.

  21. Sir,i am an artist.for painting i always needs inspration.And you are an inspration for me.I am biggest fan of you.I want to paint a painting on pakistan with title of pardise on eath.But i just paint realism and realthings And i am waiting for this dream change into reality. i am working as fine artist in a trust based school and a part time job as freelance fine artist. for my jobs i works 15 to 20 hours a day.I am first time writing all this to you i hope you will read it.i realy appreciated your developing projects.I think you can give me an inspration to me for my painting (paradise on earth).i have no degree or diploma in fine art and thats why i am working on very low salaries.please do somthing for me. you have power to do any thing for me.

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