Smart TV without DSL – PTCL launches digital interactive television service

PTCL launches digital interactive television service

Lahore (Tuesday, January 01, 2013) – Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) launched a standalone package for its Smart TV customers.

This state of the art digital interactive television service equipped with unique features like rewinding live programmes and news through time shift technology, parental lock and digital quality Video on Demand (VOD) allows customers to be more interactive and in complete control of their television experience.

The new package has been specially designed to bring added convenience for PTCL customers, enabling them to experience Smart TV without the requirement of broad-band internet.

What is Digital Interactive Television?

Interactive television (generally known as ITV or iTV) describes a number of techniques that allow viewers to interact with television content as they view it.
Interactive television represents a continuum from low (TV on/off, volume, changing channels) to moderate interactivity (simple movies on demand without player controls) and high interactivity in which, for example, an audience member affects the program being watched. The most obvious example of this would be any kind of real-time voting on the screen, in which audience votes create decisions that are reflected in how the show continues.

A return path to the program provider is not necessary to have an interactive program experience. Once a movie is downloaded for example, controls may all be local. The link was needed to download the program, but texts and software which can be executed locally at the set-top box or IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder) may occur automatically, once the viewer enters the channel.

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    What is the monthly charges of this facility as well as price of set top box?

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