Suggestions/Proposals For CBA Union Charter of Demands : Ghulam Sarwar (Nawabshah)

Suggestions / Proposals For CBA on Problems being faced by PTCL Employees that should be raise in next charter of demands presented before PTCL management:


As per below framed suggestions and proposal in detailed prepared by jointly our PTCL employees from different areas and was already published in this website for further comments or any changes to all of us during may-2011. Now the below attractive and important suggestions and proposals are very strongly recommended by us  to our CBA union for further negotiation with the management for early resolving  and now may be the meeting is arranged by the management with our union leaders . Inshallah best result will be hope announced.
The framed PTCL employees proposal are as under.

PREAMBLE: Successfulemployer andemployee relations involve striking a balance of interests. From the employer’s point of view, industrial relations is about having the right to manage – the ability to plan for the future so that a company could continue to be a success to make profits for its shareholders. From the employee’s point of view, it is about securing the best possible conditions and living standards in response to the dedicated and devoted services for the organization. Thus it is very important to create harmonious workplaces for common interest of bothemployee and employer.

This is unfortunate that the relations between PTCL Management and PTEU during its last tenure as CBA were neither exemplary nor considered as pleasant. On the one hand the management, during last few years, either tried to capture or freeze the existing perks and privileges of the regular employees instead of raising the wages and extending the facilities to them ignoring the fact that workmen, despite confronted with very tough working conditions and competitive environment, did their best to extend better services to the valued customers, and on the other hand CBA, the representative of the workers has not fulfilled their responsibilities in accordance with mandate given by the workers. Common worker of the company feels that CBA has not played its role to minimize suffering of the employees. As a result thereof, the management imposed each and every decision of its choice without any hesitation and without taking into account the consequences on service matters of the employees. Negative decisions of the management could have been avoided had the CBA shown sense of responsibility to safeguard employees’ interests and there genuine rights which is its prime objective and responsibility.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, the company succeeded to secure sufficient profit in a very competitive environment. The credit certainly goes to the workers. It is also a fact that the standard of the services of the company slumped in the name of so called “restructuring” & “VSS”. This has not only caused reduction in profit but also shaken trust of the valued customers. Under VSS almost 32,000 employees have been stuck off from the company but management failed to control the expenditure on payroll rather it has been increased. On the other hand, 5.6(M) fixed lines active network in the year 2007 have been reduced to around 3(M) at the moment which clearly speaks of the mismanagement. This terrifying reduction in fixed line connections is mainly attributed to mismanagement, poor planning, banning development, maintenance and operational funds and management’s indisposition to give due rights to the workmen. We believe that if management has had taken cognizance of the situation, our fixed line network must have crossed 10 (M) lines uptil now.

We would like to draw your kind attention towards the problems being faced by the PTCL employees. These problems/difficulties were the major cause of the strikes resulting into huge and irrecoverable revenue loss. It was perhaps not an impossible task for both CBA and management to avoid such losses by taking ultimate and timely remedial measures but unfortunately management was found least interested to adhere to employees and their elected representatives. For example, government announced increase in pay for its employees but PTCL Management not only ignored instructions of the GoP but it failed to take an in time decision. Resultantly, small groups came into being, some employees joined these groups and created problems both for CBA and management. Alas management had listened to the workers and CBA had felt its responsibility, the industrial peace would have not been destroyed by the smaller groups. We feel that there is a dire need to reduce the communication gap between employees and employer and CBA is the only platform to bridge this gap.

For a company to be successful in today’s competitive environment, management must spare adequate time to listen to its employees. Who understands the company’s strength and its weak points better than employees? Dissemination of information to gross root level on policy issues, rules, newly inducted technologies and company’s achievements through a newsletter on quarterly basis is highly needed.

If job satisfaction is high, performance, efficiency and productivity of the workforce will surely be high. There are five job dimensions i.e. the work itself, the pay, promotion opportunities, supervision and co-workers. Job satisfaction is a result of employees’ perception of how well their job provides those things that are viewed as important by the workers. Wages and salaries are recognized to be a significant factor in job satisfaction. Similarly promotion opportunities seem to have a varying effect on job satisfaction. Employees deserve honest feedback. They need to know if they meet expectations and what improvements they must make. They also need incentives for exceptional performance. So, company may consider enhancing thefacilities and promotion opportunities for lower employees. Needless to highlight that a satisfied and motivated employee remains instrumental in translating his efforts to the required business results for the company.

There is also a need to improve general environments of the offices, exchanges, dispensaries, colonies etc. Working conditions and environments of working places have a tremendous effect on job satisfaction of employees.

Employees are very annoyed with existing medical policy which has numerous drawbacks. Management shall make revolutionary changes in this policy before it becomes the next rallying point of employees.

It is an established fact that delay in line fault rectification is the major cause of customers’ churn form PTCL and numerous complaints of inadequate and poor service provisioning are being received from the valued customers. Complaint redressal procedure is prolonged for several days and, at times, for weeks/months mainly attributable to lack of funds and equipment/tools and transportationfacilities to the employees. Being aggrieved and disappointed from local staff, some of thecustomers succeed to escalate their grievance to PTCL HQ and upon intervention from HQ, such problems are sometime resolved. This state of affairs not only causing loss of revenue to PTCL but also damaging PTCL’s image in the market resulting into serious loss to its goodwill which is obviously not affordable at any cost. With a view to overcome this problem, there is a need that the Linemen/CSRs/ technical staff may be equipped with modern equipment/tools and enhancing their movement and transportation facilities. Repair and maintenance funds may be enhanced and judicious utilization of these funds be ensured.

We do have the best technical & professional people available within PTCL. Nevertheless, we lost our pride and we have to regain it through our dedication, sincerity and hardworking and we have the potential to make PTCL the best of all times, Inshallah.
We would like to add that forums & interactive sessions between management & employees would help a great deal in bridging the existing gap and diminishing the bureaucratic culture that still persists. The best thing that can improve the relation is by following our religion which says:-

“Always keep your promise and you will be asked about your promises”.


Terms & Conditions of Service.

Some elements within the employees are of the doubt that management is cooking something behind the doors to change, alter or modify terms and conditions of the regular employees. Such hearsays do affect the efficiency and performance of workers. Therefore we demand that a clear-cut notification under the signatures of President / CEO PTCL be issued to all employees assuring them that company need their services and that existing terms and conditions of their service duly protected under Telecom (Re-Org) Act 1996/ PTCL Service Regulations-1996 shall not be altered in any case whatsoever.

Pay Structure

GoP revised Pay Scales in 2005 and then given increase in pay during the year 2006 and again in 2007. However, PTCL management has not fulfilled its obligations. As a result thereof, the employees went on strike. The management then revised the pay scales but not from retrospective effect i.e. from July 01, 2005. We believe that basic pay scales which were not revised by the management from 2005 to May 2008 must be revised / enhanced in line with government instructions and arrears be paid to employees w.e.f. July 01, 2005. We also demand same pay structure for our NCPG employees. It may kindly be noted that trick playing would not serve the purpose at all.

We do not demand Company Scale at all. Since we are happy with the basic pay structure of Government of Pakistan, there is, therefore, is no need to introduce any other pay structure. Our demand is to follow pay scales of the Federal Government. It is, therefore, demanded that PTCL Management ensure timely increase in the Pay as and when GoP announce increase in pay or introduce new pay scales.

It would not be out of place to mention here that we are employees of a Company and it is our legitimate right that the company give us all other fringe benefits.


The GoP vide No.F.6(4)R.I/2006 dated 29TH June 2007 has upgraded following clerical / Auditors posts w.e.f. 1st July 2007.

The incumbents of the up-graded posts also stood upgraded and their pay was fixed at the stage next above their basic pay in their lower pay scales. The employees from BPS 1 to BPS-4 were also moved one scale up in the pay scales w.e.f 1st July 2007. However, PTCL employees always remain un-lucky and the management has not taken any action to fulfill its obligations. However after deliberated efforts by the PTCL Employees Action Committee last year, the management has eventually up-graded only following posts vide order dated 9th October 2009 with effect from 9th October 2009:-

We hereby request that GoP’s above said notification dated 29th June 2007 be implemented in true letter and spirit w.e.f 1st July 2007 with payment of arrears to the incumbents including JACs, SACs and especially Class-IV staff working in BPS-1 to 4. We have several precedents with us where Govt. Depts. have had extended this benefit to these cadres.

Promotion Policy

It has been noted with grave concern that promotion rules of PTCL SR-1996 are not being followed in its true spirit. We request the management to process all pending promotion cases without further delay. It is also suggested that to eliminate stagnation in employees’ promotion, employees on completion of three years of service on a post may be promoted in the next grade subject to the qualification.

In the past, management had promoted few officials on out of turn basis. It is strongly demanded that all officials who are senior to these promotees may also be promoted from the same date otherwise the officials who were promoted out of turn may immediately be reverted back. There will be no comprise on this issue.

We believe that all OPS arrangements mostly made on personal like and dislike during last couple of years are absolutely unlawful. Under these arrangements, favoritism and nepotism has been promoted which is not only against the basic essence of the justice but it has created a sense of deprivation and resentment amongst senior employees.  We are of the considered view that such arrangements, if necessary at all, should have been made purely on seniority basis. We therefore urge the management to cancel all such arrangement with immediate effect and repost the incumbents against their actual and original posts.

All those non-technical workers working against technical posts may be promoted and posted on the same post.

Employees working on the posts other than their own for the last five years or more may be re-designated against the same post.

It is also demanded that one additional increment be allowed to employees on completion of every 5 years of service.

Some employees were given BPS-17 non-gazetted and it was mentioned in the orders that all financial benefits will be given, but the management has not given all the financial benefits. It is demanded that all financial benefits like house requisition grant must be given to all such employees with effect from the date of their promotion.

The employee who has completed 10 year service in a cadre / scale be promoted in the next scale immediately.


As per clause standing 10-C (2): of the Companies Ordinance, 1968 :

We demand that the bonus be given to all the employees as per section 2(a) & (b) of Industrial and commercial Establishment Ordinance, 1968, which is reproduced as under:-

(2)        The amount of the bonus payable shall:-

(a)                The amount of the profit is not less than the aggregate of one month wages of the workmen employed, be not less than the amount of such aggregate, subject to the maximum of thirty percent of such profit.

(b)               If the amount of the profit is less than the aggregate referred to in paragraph (a), be not less than fifteen percent, of such profit.

In past ratio of the bonus was different for the employees. Lower staff got a very little amount and a major portion of the bonus was distributed amongst the high rankers i.e. BPS-20 and above.

It, is therefore, demanded that bonus must be calculated as per standing Order No.10© and be equally distributed between all the employees from BPS-1 to M-1.

Representation of CBA on the PTCL Board of Directors

At present there is no representation of PTCL’s staff in the Board of Directors. It is necessary that a rep of staff must be included in the Board so that he/she could convey the problems of staff in the Board. We, therefore, demand that CBA must be given representative in the PTCL Board of Directors.

Provision of 12% Share to PTCL Employees under Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme” (BESOS)

Government granted 12% shares to employees in certain companies and banks under BESOS, therefore, CBA must ensure to take up the case with concerned ministry and management for provision of 12% shares to PTCL employees.

Regularization of NCPG / Temporary / Daily Wage / Contract Employees:

At present a large number of employees are working on daily wage, contract or on temporary basis. During the years 1994-96 almost 4000 daily wagers were regularized but said drive was stopped thereafter. It is demanded that the employees, working either on NCPG, daily wages or on contract basis be given regular status immediately as per their qualification / education against the posts on which they are working.

Medical Policy

Although PTCL is providing medical facility to its employees and it is fact that a huge budget is being spent on this facility but unfortunately the utilization of the amount is not judicious. Quality medicines and quality hospitals are meant for higher ups whereas lower staff is ignored altogether as far as quality treatment is concerned.

The other side of the picture is that PTCL is incurring heavy budget to extend outdoor medical facility to its employees by establishing its Health Units throughout the country. Heavy amount is being spent on purchase of expensive surgical equipment, maintenance, bills, salaries of doctors and on medicines as well. Many of us have witnessed that employee was dying because of heart attack but Health Center Administration was adamant to produce his medical book first so as to issue an OPD slip in his favour and treatment was to take place later. Secondly, it is a mission impossible to avail ambulance service in emergency. If a patient is in emergency, the attendants are advised to see GM (Medical Services) to get approval for ambulance service. Moreover, there is no medical support available for the employees in the evening hours or in case of any emergency at night. We believe that these dispensaries should either work round the clock or at least there should be one competent doctor on duty in the evening / night to attend emergency cases.

More hospitals be taken on the PTCL panel from where every employee may get medical facility easily by showing his/her official machine readable card. Secondly, PTCL in collaboration with Telecom Foundation can establish its own hospitals in major cities i.e. Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sailkot, Faisalabad, Multan, DI Khan, Sukur Karachi and Quetta. These hospitals, besides extending free medical treatment to our employees, can be a source of profit by extending quality treatment to private outpatients.

This is the area which, we are afraid, might become a rallying point for the employees very soon. Standing medical policy has so many weaknesses and holes that employees are very much frustrated and annoyed with it. If management could conduct a survey, we fear, it might get 99.9% negative feedback from non-gazetted employees as they are of the considered view that the policy is meant to provide best facilities to elite class    (BPS-19 and above) whereas the lower ranking employees are always humiliated in long waiting ques with no quality treatment or medicines. We suggest following immediate remedial steps to improve the critical condition:-

  • All employees be treated equitably for medical treatment irrespective of their status, designation or place of posting.
  • Engage more doctors to meet shortage.
  • More hospitals be taken on PTCL panel in each major city and doctors may not hesitate to issue referrals to private hospitals / consultants.
  • All those doctors performing Administrative duties or just signing the referral slips and LPs must be utilized to serve like a doctor but not as an Admn officer.
  • Beside medical card, allow employees to get treatment after showing company ID Card or CNIC.
  • Employees have to wait for many hours when there is a need to see the doctor. Eventually when medicine is prescribed, mostly it is found out of stock. Again, the employee needs to wait to get its LP slip prepared and approved / signed by two other doctors. It is a very disturbing situation. The procedure is so lengthy, complicated and time consuming. We suggest streamlining the procedure on war-footing basis so as to extend best and quality medical treatment to the patients without keeping them in lines for several hours.
  • Employees may be allowed to get treatment from any and every PTCL Health Unit on centralized basis without limitations / restrictions.
  • Un-employed / unmarried / divorced daughters of an employee be allowed medical facilities irrespective of age limit.
  • Handicapped son(s) of an employee may also be entitled to medical facilities without age limit.
  • Medical facilities to dependent parents of female employees may continue even after their marriage.
  • Emergency laboratory tests such as Blood CP ESR, Urine DR, Blood Sugar etc. advised by private consultants / local doctors be carried out without the approval of Medical Services Department / Board proceedings.
  • Doctors and allied Staff of Health Units direly need training. They need to learn that employees visiting Health Units are “Patients” but not EVP or Naib Qasid. They shall deal with them according to health condition of employee but not according to their status and rank.

Free Service Telephone Connection to all employees:

It is brought to the notice of the Management that PIA is extending facility of free air tickets to its employees; Railway extends free traveling facility to its employees and dependents. SNGPL is providing free natural gas to its all employees. WAPDA is providing free electricity to its employees. OGDCL is also providing all utility facilities to its employees i.e. gas, electricity and water charge. However, PTCL has adopted a discriminatory policy for its employees by providing FSTC facility only to PTCL officers of BPS-17 and above at their residences besides the offices. In addition to fixed line facility, all officers are enjoying free cellular mobile facility. When an officer can have the FSTC facility at his residence and cellular mobile handset plus monthly ceiling, then why not FSTC facility is given to all officials below B-17.

At present PTCL is providing only 100 free units and charging line rent, which is useless and not justified. It is demanded that FSTC (V-Wireless) facility be extended to all the staff working in BPS-1 to 17.

House Requisition Rate:

House Requisition being paid to the employees doesn’t mach with the market rent. The rentals are rising day by day and there is a need to rationalize the preset ratio of house requisition grant. It is demanded that the House Requisition grant be immediately increased to meet the current rise in the rentals and thereafter be revised after every two years, but House Requisition Grant of PTCL employees would never be less then HRG admissible to GoP employees.

Up-gradation and re-designation of Steno Cadre:

It is a long outstanding demand of Stenos for up-gradation of their posts because there is no opportunity of promotion in their cadres. It is relevant add here that in most of the cases, Stenos are attached with high ranking officers and they have to work over & above their normal duties even in late hours and holidays too.

It is demanded that all PAs (BPS-17) and Stenographers BPS-17 Non-gezetted possessing Master Degree may be promoted as Office Managers BPS-18.

All Stenos working either in BPS-12 or in BPS-15 possessing Master Degree may be promoted as Assistant Office Managers BPS-17.

Training Opportunities for Employees:

To cope with the needs of new era of technological advancement, it is need of the hour to train our people to meet international standards. We suggest that a comprehensive plan be chalked out to provide advance training to all categories of employees.

Leave :

The Leave facilities shall be restored with following modifications:

Casual Leave:

  • In a calendar year, an employee shall be granted Casual Leave upto 20 days.
  • Provision for availing half a day Casual Leave shall be incorporated.
  • Unutilized casual leave shall be converted into earned leave on full pay.

Earned Leave: The Earned Leave shall accrue at the rate of 48 days per year and can be accumulated.

Encashment of E.L: All employees shall be eligible to encash Earned Leave whenever they want so.  The Encashment shall comprise the gross salary with all allowances including HRG.

Paternity Leave: Male employees shall be granted Paternity Leave of 15 days for each delivery up to 3 living children.

Q-Loans & Advances:

i)                    Q-Loans: Ban on payment of Q-Loans which include HBA, Motor Car and Motor Cycle Advance may immediately be lifted and all desirous employees be paid full and final installment of such loans according to calculation to be made on the basis of enhanced salaries under this charter with following basic modifications in the policy:-

a).  Amount of House Building Advance be enhanced from 36 to 100 basic pays. OGDCL is giving 105 basic pays to its employees as HBL advance.

b). Motorcycle Advance may also be increased from Rs.50,000/- to Rs.75,000/-

c).  Motor Car Advance may also be given to all employees as per market value of a vehicle.

ii)                  Personal Loan: Provision shall be made in consultation with CBA Regional Representative for grant of personal loan to the employees once in 5 years at least for three times during whole service.

iii)                Recreation Advance: The employees, on request, shall be paid one month gross salary as Recreation Advance, to be recoverable in 12 installments.

iv)                Flood / Drought / Natural Calamities advance: All affected employees shall be granted Rs.50,000/- free of interest to be recovered in 24 installments.

v)                  Loan For Marriage: Loan shall be granted free of interest to the employees up to Rs.100,000/- for his / her own marriage or for the marriage of his / her dependents to be recoverable in 36 installments. This shall not affect the existing marriage grant policy.

vi)                Computer Loan: All employees shall be granted loan of Rs.50,000/- free of interest for purchase of Computer / Laptop to be recovered in easy installments.

Overtime Allowance

It is a fact that late sitting has become habit of higher officers and lower staff is forced to stay in office till late hours. However, existing overtime rates nothing but a joke with the employee i.e. Rs.09/- per day.

It is suggested that late sittings be discouraged. However if it is necessary to stay after office hours, a handsome amount be given to employees as overtime which should not be less than Rs.100/- per hour.

R&R Allowance:

It is demanded that R&R allowance equal to one month gross salary be given to employees every year as per practice in banks.

Education Grant:

The rate of education grant being paid to the employees is very low. Out of the present grant, employee can not even purchase writing instruments for one child in a year.

It is demanded that:-

Either education grant be given to all children of the employees as per fee admissible in the TF Schools per month or

Employees shall be paid education grant @ Rs.1000/- per child per month up to 3 (THREE) children.

Education grant be given through monthly salary.

Uniform Allowance:

The existing rate of uniform allowance is not market based. It is demanded that uniform allowance may be increased by 100% and it may be renamed as Seasonal Allowance.


Utility of Allowance:

Present rate of utility allowance is very low and it stood freeze though rate of utility bill are sky rocketing every month. There is, therefore, a need to rationalize the rate of this allowance. It is also brought to the notice of management that OGDCL is facilitating its employees by giving per month free 01.20HM3 Gas Units, 130-170 Units of Electricity and Rs.50/- as water charges.

It is, therefore, demanded that to meet the utility demands Utility Allowance be enhanced and fixed equivalent to 25% of running basic pay.

Washing Allowance:

Washing allowance may be increased from Rs.150/- pm to Rs.500/- pm

Insensitive Pay-II:

Insensitive Pay-II was given to PTCL employees @35% of running basic pay, but it was discontinued in the year 2008. It is demanded that this pay may also be restored immediately.

Special Allowance:

Special allowance @ One initial basic pay under Pay Scale 1994 (granted during 1998 Package) may be revised into present initial basic pay.

Good Conduct Pay:

Good Conduct pay may also be increased from Rs.200/- pm to Rs.500/- pm

Qualification Pay

Special Qualification Pay @ 10, 20 and 30% of running basic pay be granted to such employees who possesses higher qualification as compare to the required qualification against a specific post. For example, if required qualification under the standing rules against a specific post is Matric, the employee having Intermediate qualification shall be paid qualification pay @ 10%, a graduate @ 20% and a master degree holder @ 30%.

Telecom Allowance:

In 2008 rate of Telecom Allowance was reduced from Rs.500/- pm to Rs.300/- pm. We demand that Telecom Allowance be increased and fixed as Rs.1000/- pm.

Proficiency Allowance:

Duties and responsibilities of the personal staff of GMs, EVPs, SEVPs i.e. Secretary/PS/PA/Steno/KPO/NQ/Driver are excessive and complex as compared to the others, they have to look after the requirements of every job of his boss. It is, therefore, demanded that Proficiency Allowance @ 5% of running basic pay pm may be given to the personal staff of GMs, EVPs, SEVPs.

Dearness Allowance:

Dearness Allowance shall be granted @ 10% of the running basic pay of an employee.

Disability Allowance:

All physically challenged shall be paid allowance @ 5% of BASIC PAY.

Computer Allowance:

Rs.1000/- pm as Computer Allowance may also be given to the employees working on computers irrespective of their cadres.

Shift Allowance:

It is demanded that Shift Allowance @ Rs.500/- pm may be allowed to all field staff working in day & night shifts.


Conveyance Charges

The existing rate of Conveyance Charges doesn’t meet the market rate. It is demanded that rate of conveyance charges be increased as per market rate.

TA/DA / Taxi Charges

TA/DA allowance & Taxi Charges be rationalized as per market rate.

Maternity Charges

Rs.20,000/- be allowed as Maternity Charges on provision of birth certificate from UC, Cantt Board or hospital etc. This may be allowed in such cases where an employee has not availed company’s medical facility for the purpose.


  1. Adequate facilities shall be provided for sports, recreation and cultural activities of the employees.
  1. All employees shall be given reimbursement of one local daily News Paper every month.
  1. Company shall have Canteen facilities in all the offices to provide food at subsidized rates. During the interregnum period all employees shall be paid Tiffin allowance of Rs.500/- per month.

Rights and Benefits for the Women:

i)                    The Company shall constitute a women cell at every Regional Office and in HQ to be headed by a female. Such centers duly equipped with required staff and office automation shall facilitate the women workers in connection with their official problems.

ii)                  A woman employee after availing admissible maternity leave, if prefers to extend her leave, be permitted to avail leave on half average pay (subject to leave at her credit) or without pay, as the case may be, upto a maximum period of Two years in each case. Such requests may not be denied to female employees.

iii)                The Company shall provide ladies Rest Room in every office.

iv)                Separate washrooms be provided for female staff in each building of PTCL regional offices and HQs.

v)                  Separate prayer space be provided for female staff.


Quarters in PTCL Colonies

First preference must be given to employees of BPS-1 to BPS-10 while allotting quarter in PTCL colonies.

At present a large number of PTCL quarters are Sublette by the allottees.  It is demanded that all such allotments may immediately be cancelled and quarters be allotted to needy employees.

It is observed that Superintendents, AAOs, SDOs, AEs etc. are occupying the official accommodation meant for BPS-15 or below. It is demanded that all such quarters be got vacated immediately and allotted to entitled employees. All such officers may get hired residence with their House Requisition Grant easily, but an official of scale BPS- 01 to 15 can not get house with their Requisition Grant.

It is also observed that some employees occupying the quarters of category meant for lower staff. It is demanded that next category of quarters be allotted to such employees and present quarters be allotted to employees actually entitled to these quarters.

Employees are very much annoyed with the present maintenance system of official quarters. They believe that those who have good ties with the officers or posted with high ups can avail all types of maintenance for their flats with heavy expenditures whereas those having no such source / approach are denied by the concerned inquiry offices from very basic and essential maintenance. We suggest that one house / flat in each PTCL colony be repaired and renovated in all respect as a sample / model and if it is approved by the management with the concurrence of CBA, all flats of the colony be renovated on the same line so as to provide uniform and equity based accommodation to the employees. However, after complete and proper maintenance / renovation, employee shall be responsible to maintain the said quarter at his own for next 5 years and further maintenance be provided to him/her unless there is a major and justified issue.

Employees Dependent Quota:

Dependent quota be restored immediately.

Exemption of Tax on Allowances:

Presently all the allowances are being treated as taxable. It is suggested that PTCL management may take up the case with FBR for exemption of allowance from tax. Otherwise the company may pay the taxes of employees (BPS 1-17).

GPF Dedication:

It is also demanded that GPF rate of deduction may be increased 100% and rate of profit be maximized.

Ambulance Facility:

The facility of ambulance be provided to staff as and when required for patient or for dead body. It may be ensured that employees may not face lengthy bureaucratic techniques and procedures while ambulance is required in an emergency but a single point of contact shall allow the service.

Compensation on death during service:

In case of employee’s death during service, his / her all outstanding dues be waved off and an amount of Rs.1 (M) be paid to the bereaved family.

In case an employee dies while on duty, the compensation to be paid to the bereaved family shall be Rs.2 (M).

Compassionate Appointment:

On death or Physical incapacitation while in service, one dependent of the employee shall be employed against a post commensurating to the qualification of the candidate.

Utilization of Benevolent Fund:

A committee in consultation with CBA be constituted for disbursement of benevolent fund to needy employees.


On the issue of outsourcing, the position of Managements had remained lackadaisical.  In the name of outsourcing, some of the ‘CORE FUNCTIONS’ of the offices – like janitorial services, some of the functions under Motor claims, most important business points of the company like 0800-80800, 1217 and 1218 were also ‘OUTSOURCED’ despite opposition from CBA. As a result thereof service parameters of the Company in these segments have been coming down.  As a consequence, the efficient, effective and experienced manpower available within the companies have not been utilized properly in these areas.

It is, therefore, very essential that in order to protect the image of the company, the management shall forthwith stop the contemplated move of outsourcing.

Housing Scheme:

It is suggested that a housing scheme may be introduced. For this purpose land may be acquired from CDA in a sector. TF may be given task to develop the sector and build houses and the same may be given to employees on installments. To evolve this scheme a comprehensive plan can be chalk out with the help of banking sector.

Immunity for Employees:

We demand general immunity for all employees presently facing disciplinary proceedings either on political / union grounds or nature of charges leveled against them is of minor nature. However, this immunity shall not affect such disciplinary cases where employees are accused of major fraud, corruption or severe misconduct.


Our demands under this DOCUMENT shall be given effect from 1st FEBRUARY 2010 or from the date(s) mentioned in specific items above, as the case may be.


CBA while submitting Charter of Demand to the management must keep in mind that anything contained in the CHARTER OF DEMANDS total emoluments of any employee in any cadre shall not be reduced at any time, no recovery shall be effected whatsoever due to the revision in the wage structure. Nothing shall adversely affect or take away from any employee or group of employees any rights, privileges or usage, practice or conventions, amenities or other conditions of service that are already vested in or enjoyed by employees.

It is also suggested that CBA shall reserve the right to amend, alter, add and / or delete any part of charter of demands as and when may be found necessary

Ghulam Sarwar Chachar
DSL Officer PTCL Nawabshah


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    Dear Frnds its good effort by Chachar but here is no any justice seen regarding the rights of PTCL employees, PTCL touts (Union) are not interested to give the benifits to PTCL poor employee thoses are suffring very baddely in these conditions. u may take a combined action against these culprits those are runaway and take self benifits in millions.

  3. Noor khan says:

    kohi corrupt suney wala nahi hain , sub dekaho hain ,ander say meley baghat kar rahey hain , corrupt logo ney apney satheyou ko pehley say promotted karwaey hain to gazated , chotey staff her maheney pension per ja rahey hain ,na anko pay revised melega na promotion . /ju log managment ke sath melybaghat kar rahey hain ,an ka bad dua un ke sath rahey gey , yad rahey umer rasedu ka bad dua sakht hain

  4. Sameer Ahmed says:

    every time court issue stay order stay order tell mazdur workers deth , where the justice from cour , SUB APAS ME MELE HUEY HAIN.

  5. Noroz Khan says:

    yeh dur me atney demand pora kar ne waley nahi huga , Awami dur be nahi hai kohi suney wala be nahi hai ,workers wanted justice from GOD name of the Allah . during this time workers demand from long time non-gazatted promotion staff waiting from 23 24 years still ignored , with pay revised 2011 if can be provision of 12 % share under BESOS every thinks pending from corrupt during . No any demand with out Restoration CBA ,

  6. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Chater of demand dekaney say kuch nahi huga , kam say kam Apney workers ke 2 3 kam husakta hain , pay revised 2011 with non-gazzated staff promotion pending from long time still ignored by corrupt durring with same musharaf government

  7. Hamid Ali Qaim Khani says:

    Dostoo, Yar humaraa Leaders Main Agar Sachai ho to Koi Kam Mushkil Nahee Ya Bhee Hamara Political Leaders Ki tarhan , Jhoty,Lotay,Bikaio,Kamchhor,Darpok Han,iss Main Tamam Emplyees Ka Bhee Qasoor Ha Kunka Wo bhee Saham Gai,Dar Gai Hain.Lakin Ab Bhee Waqat Ha Hum Sub Kisi Needar,Honest,Sacha, Leader Ko chuna Jo Chachr Sb K1 Demand Ko Implement Karwai.

  8. Muhammad Nasir says:

    ابوامامہ (رضی اللہ عنہ) سے روایت ہے کہ رسول اللہ (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)نے فرمایا : جو شخص مسلمان کا حق قسم کھا کر مار لے تو اللہ تعالیٰ نے اس کے لئے جہنم کو واجب کر دیا اور اس پر جنت کو حرام کر دیا۔ ایک شخص بولا یا رسول (اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) ! چاہے وہ تھوڑی سی چیز ہو ؟ تو آپ (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) نے فرمایا کہ اگرچہ پیلو کی ایک ٹہنی ہی ہو۔

    [ صحیح مسلم ]

  9. advantage of education/qualification should be given to all highly qualified employees.

  10. AOA

    CBA Union Charter of Demands empalimen kab ho ga.ya mangement se len den ho gai hi.hamesha hamari CBA Union pokit mar rahi he.abhi hame kisi per etbar nahe hi.keyoo ke hamari union apne pokit bharne ke elawa kuch nahi ker sak ti.

    Best Regards.

  11. sheraz hussain says:

    whats about us..? who passed the exam of grade 17, taken by PTCL, through NTS,???

  12. It is demanded that all T/Tech’s (BPS-11) may please be re-designated to Engineering Supervisors w.e.from their up-gradation date in BPS-11 as E.S designated to Technical Officer after 12 years Service and Non-gezetted Employees possessing Master Degree in any subject may be promoted as Office Managers BPS-18.

  13. Karim khan says:

    Chater of Demand belkol sahey pesh kar ne ki koshish kar rahe hain
    Allah kare kuch na kuch manzoor hu jaey , Aghar ander say mely baghat nahi hu for some percent , Meghahi ku chod de mazdur non-gazzated staff waiting from 24/23 years for departmental promotion still ignored / pay revised 2011 still ignored , union sadar ne surf Apne sathyou ku non-gazzated B-17 to upgarade karwaya tha , Halan ke hu phly kahy salo say gazzated posto per look after officer thy , ZULM SURF MAZDURO PER HU RAHE HAIN

  14. Muhammad Nasir says:

    Proposals are very good but when and who will approve this COD ?????

  15. Ghulam Sarwar Chachar says:

    Dear Khalid sb,
    I suggest to u and other ur same candidates , ur were jointly takup efforts through written appeal from concerned regions to authorities and also filled a rite jointly in the High court, further may be result will be received . And also share with all employees though this web sides , google, and union leaders. Time to time generating mails as appeal through proper channel and in the copy folder to all top management will be must. Tks

  16. Khalid Mahmood says:

    whats about us..? who passed the exam of grade 17, taken by ptcl, through NTS,service as ES, 11 year, totel servic, 23 year. we are still in grade, 11, no one lesion us.. every one work for their own benifits.

  17. assalam o alekum dostoon 1995 ke baad regoler promotion kis ney bund kerwaya son of dipartment qotta kisny bund karwaya hajj qotta kisny bund karwaya govermint ki jannib dee janney walli marat kisny khttam karai deeghar haqooq jo hamein hasil thhe kisny ghasab karway bas aik hee shks jisy maa frosh ka khittab milla jin loghoon ne ye luqub dia wohi aaj un ke perokar hain kya ye aap ko haqooq dilwaingey wo sur frosh koi or hain allah hammen tofeeq de key hamm unn ka sath dein .aameen

  18. Sameer Ahmed says:

    Very good demand for justice , lehken s dur me kohi sone wala nahi hai. managment ko sath de ne say sub behre hu chuke hain , dil pe agh lag jata hai , Maqbool Ahmed UDC Majbur hu ker tamam detail court per insafi ke lehey guzaresh pesh kar rahe hain INSHALLAH INSAF HUGA ,Non-gazzated staff waiting from 22/23 years for departmental promotion still ignored from unjustice managment with during ppp govrnment

  19. very nice thinkings about ptcl employees.but ptcl management (Mazer ussain) is a naughty person.
    Although etisalat management agreed these all points.Even all etisalat is fail in pakistan upto mazher hussain in ptcl

  20. ch naeem ahmed says:

    proposal are good but LOOTAY namnahad CBA TOUT of mangement sa kia kia taqo rakhe in ki koi nahi sunta ZABITA IKHLAQ per mangement in ko ghass nahi dali ya sirf emploees ka SODA karna jantay ha

  21. aoa
    what about show cause/suspension employee stop their salaries because participation in strike,2010

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