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Supreme Court Contempt Notices to PTCL HR&A SEVP, GM and RGM STR-II for not implementing his orders dated 07-10-2011.

Supreme Court Notices to PTCL HR&A SEVP, GM and RGM STR-II for not implementing his orders dated 07-10-2011.

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(Original Jurisdiction)                                      Regd.A.D.
CrLO.P. 9/2012 IN C.A. 241/2011
Nasiruddin Ghori. Vs. Farooq Ahmed Awan and othrs.
Take notice that the above noted case came up for hearing before the Court on 07-08-2012 and the Court has been pleased to pass the following order:-
“Issue notice to the respondents. Nos. 2 -4 for 10.8.2012 as according to the explanation offered by the petitioner they are responsible for not implementing judgment of this Court dated 07.10.2011. Office is directed to effect service upon the respondents positively.
Take further notice that the above noted case is fixed for hearing before the Court on 10-08-2012 at 9.00 a.m. or soon thereafter as may be convenient to the Court in the Court House at Islamabad.
Take further notice that you are required to bring your Original Identity Card for purpose of verification of your identity for entrance in the premises of the Supreme Court Building.
Islamabad, 07-08-2012
1.    Mr. Walid Irshad, President and Chief Executive Officer, P.T.C.L. Headquarters, G-8/4, Islamabad.
2.   Mr. Syed Mazhar Hussain, Senior Executive Vice presiding,
H.R& ADMIN) PTCL H.Q. G-8/4, Islamabad.
3.     Mr. Farooq H.Malik General Manager, HRA) Ex. Chief Engineer (RRR) PTCL, H.Q. G-8/4 Islamabad.
4.     Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Bhutto , R.G. m-1 (STR-II, PTCL i.i. Chundrigar Road, Karachi C/O DR(K).
5. Nasir uddin Ghori, son of Shuja uddin Ghori temporary R/o A-109, Block NO. 17, F.B. Arear Karachi 0333.3327727 (in CrLO.P. 09/12 C/O DR(K).

SUPREME COURT CONTEMPT OF COURT ORDER Dated 07-08-2012 for 10-08-2012


Masood Ahmed Bhatti Letter to President and CEO PTCL

My Dear

Walid Irshaid Sahib

I was unhappy to see a contempt of court notice issued by the august Supreme Court of Pakistan to you along with other top level management functionaries.  Today is black day in the history of PTCL since establishment of Telegraph and Telephone Department.

Your management functionaries have created a widely-believed impression that law abiding ETISALAT people who think 100 times before breaking a traffic law in their own country are blatantly disrespecting and sabotaging the fundamental rights of the employees enshrined under the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and flouting all laws and rules.

In the case of Nasir Ghori, your management adopted all reactive coercive techniques to push him to such extent that he has been forced to call all of you in the Court to get his lawful rights. Had he been promoted and not issued his transferred order when he was on bed with two broken body, non of you would have seen this day. Who is ultimately paying the price other then you?

Your HR drivers may be good but they are not professionals. The case in question is a source of strength for others. They placed few General Managers under very humiliating and embarrassing conditions. When coercive patent tools were applied on them, they having no choice but to follow footprints of Nasir Ghori. All of them have stay order from the Court (Mr. Tahir, Mr. Jahangir & Mr. Naeem). I confidently say that you would not be winner in their cases.

Surprisingly, HR and legal sections have created another cost center but with damaging image. Contempt notice is now in public domain. Can any one from HR control its global distribution? Every new petition should matter you because your image is at risk. Can you re-position your image in business world in such conditions? How your parent company view it? Are you a business leader or would be zero? Wining or loss of a case should not matter you because you are not playing a match. You are leading a business not making a scoring record.

I have no wish to embarrass you by expressing my feelings but in coming days such event may repeat if the corrective steps are not taken to establish “Rule of Law” and good governance. Advice for your HR team: Never be over reactive and twist law & rules to just impress you.


Masood Ahmed Bhatti 

About Tahir Iqbal

PTCL Worker at Switching EWSD Multan Qualification = DAE (electrical) + BS(CS)


  1. waseem sahab battn na karn kam karn or kuch karn is ptcl top management ko rasty per lany k leya ya mary mulk may bath kar mary Department ko kha rahy han or ham bay bas ho kar dakh rahy han or in k hath ka kalona ban rahy han. Walid Irshaid or Syed Mazhar ka to akri waqat aa gaya hay ab.


  3. Can someone clearify the situation will we get our right after this ruling?

  4. I hate the top management of PTCL bcs they all are very cleaver and just serve their time to plan how to save money from employees and get maximum for their own interest.

  5. I hate ptcl top management bcs they are just making money for their own interest rather than to facilitate the workers who works 24×7 to provide smooth operations.

    Next case will be from me against the PMS increment fraud, Govt announce 20% increment but the team of cleaver bullshits has put the condition of PMS, majority of employees are awarded with only 8 to 11 % in BPS 17 out of 15%, and 11 to 15% in below BPS17 out of 20%.

    There must be set an enquiry to check why the Walid Irshad is teking millions of rupees per month.

    you all are cheaters mus be taken to the accountability

  6. khalid (pensioner)

    I am agree with the remarks of Mr Masood Ahmed Bhatti. It is the time of thinking by ETISALAT.

  7. Now We Hopeful with S C Inshallah now will be Justice from Court because workers all problem true Rights Pending Ignored From Unjust both PTCL Management with ppp government ?

  8. Mubarak ho sub ko Allah na hamari sun le.

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