Supreme Court Judgement Dated 12-6-2015 Regarding PTCL Pensioners’s Pension

Supreme Court Orders Dated 12-6-2015 Regarding PTCL Pensioners’s Pension

payment of full pension. It was noted, and such has been done time ano again by this Court that pension is a part of a civil servant’s retirement benefit and is not bounty or an ex-gratia payment but a right .cquIred in consideration of his past service which was a vested right with legitimate expectation. The right to pension is conferred by law which could not be arbitrarily abridged or reduced except ri accoroance with law. The aspect Of the Statutory rules has already been dealt with above and we tend to agree with the rule laid down .n the case of Masood Ahmed Bhatti (supra).
26. For the foregoing reasons, we have come to conclusion that the respondents, who were the employees of T&T Department having retired after their transfer to the Corporation and the Company, will be entitled to the same pension as is announced by the Government of Pakistan and that the Board of Trustees of the Trust is bound to follow such announcement of the Government in respect of such employees.
Consequently, these petitions are dismissed

PTCL Pensioiners Pension Equal to Govt Pensioners - Supreme Court Supreme Court Orders dated 12-6-2015 regarding PTCL Pensioners 9

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