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Syed Maqbool Hussain Zaidi Writes A Letter to EVP HR PTCL

Syed Maqbool Hussain Zaidi Writes A Letter to EVP HR PTCL

Letter to EVP HR PTCL


Respected Sir,

It is satisfying that you spent a day in Karachi, meeting with staff members to ascertain their problems and their desires. Unfortunately, due to road accident, I broke my leg from ankle on three spots and on medical leave. However, it was my utmost desire to attend the meeting even in such a bedridden condition.

It is further satisfying that you will not hesitate even appreciate if someone directly comes to you with suggestions to bring betterment and peaceful environment in PTCL.

Brief introduction: Initially appointed in Sindh Police in 1989 and preferred to work in PTC even after induction in top most secret agency on a good position in 1995. During long spell of services, remain engaged in looking after establishment, admin, HR affairs. Actively participated in 2008 negotiations between unions/CBA and Management and got all issues settled relating to terms of employment.  On ex-Pakistan leave I was in UAE in 2010 and got a job in HR of a renowned organization.  However, you are well aware, due to “ZAIDI”  my job visa was rejected and I had to come back to Pakistan. I lodged complaints in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Pakistanis Foundation but to no avail.

Sir, after resuming back in PTCL you might have astonished to note that things are quite changed, so did I. With extreme regard, let me say that now there is no rule of law in PTCL. I do not want to take much of your precious time in lengthy submissions.

However, recalling your attention towards Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organization) Act, 1996 (Sections 35 & 36), Lawful Settlement in 2005 between unions/CBA and management (Term-1), all the three Agreements made between Government of Pakistan and Investor (Etisalat). First Sales Purchase Agreement  dated 30.05.2005, 2nd Sales Purchase Agreement dated 12.03.2006 & Shareholders Agreement dated 12.03.2006 and again inviting your attention towards a number of judgements from Honourable Courts including Supreme Court of Pakistan,  reproducing a  Judgement of a larger bench of Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan quoted in Civil Appeal No.39/2010 (reported in 1983 SCMR 1275):-

The Court further candidly held, “Even otherwise it is well-settled that where statutory rules govern the service conditions of an employee, the pleasure of the master stands surrendered to the extent the matter is covered by the relevant rules”.

Question is not that what else we are given by our masters is sufficient or not? Question is that whether it is lawful or not? Question is that why they are not ready to surrender their pleasures before the law? Without shadow of any doubt nothing remained lawful in PTCL now. All policies of Management seem to be detrimental /against staff. If anything with regard to our service terms and conditions is lawful kindly communicate me, I will appreciate and apology for my mistakes. Due to lawlessness PTCL is reached at the edges of catastrophe.

Kindly see how rigorous the welfare states are with regard to the procedure prescribed in law. The American Supreme Court speaking through Judge Frankfurter, held that the authority is bound to follow the procedure prescribed in law:-

“The judicially evolved administrative law is now firmly established, if I may add, rightly so. He that takes the procedural sword shall perish with the sword”.

Therefore, it is kindly requested to establish Rule of Law in PTCL and the follow the procedure prescribed in law.

Ending with following two (2) quotes from “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”:

1.    “It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law”. 

2.    “Always treat your employees (internal customers) exactly as you want them to treat your best customers. You can buy their hands but not hearts. In hearts there is enthusiasm/loyalty. You can buy their backs but not brains. In brains there is creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness”.

A poor / suffering employee will appreciate and admire on receipt some positive response from your good-self.

I am always standing with you in your efforts to bring PTCL back to normalcy.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours obediently,

Syed Maqbool Hussain Zaidi,

EPI No.10026478

Transferred Employee.

Email: Syed Maqbool Hussain Zaidi smhzptcl@gmail.com

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  1. **Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can’t speak.
    **With your serious efforts and sincere dedication, you were sure to succeed. well done. May you always keep up the good work.
    **You truly deserve the success, and with such efforts you are sure to earn more. keep up the good work.

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