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T20 World Cup Cricket Live on PTCL : Just Dial 1422

PTCL has lounched another Service of Value Added on Landline and Vfone. Telecom market is coming up with different valued added services these days as the customer demand is evolving due to fast and furious daily life in which people don’t get time for recreation like going out with family and friends rather prefer sitting at their premises and enjoying some readily available services. This part of world being the diehards of Cricket game, do get time for cricket whether they have to go to watch it live or staying at home watching it on TV which is not possible these days due to massive load shedding in the country.
PTCL does have solution to their problems!!!

On the occasion of T-20 World Cup, PTCL proudly announces Cricket info service through which PSTN and VFONE subscribers of PTCL will be able to listen to live commentary of cricket matches just by dialing a four digit access code 1422 and listening to the live commentary.

Package Tariff:

* Each call will be charged @ Rs 1 / Minute (Exclusive of tax)
* No service subscription required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who can avail Cricket Info Service?
Ans: All the existing and new PTCL customers either of PSTN or WLL, who are Cricket Diehards/affectees of electricity load shedding.

Q2 . How do I access this service? What are the service charges?
Ans: You just have to dial 1422 and listen to the live commentary of ongoing match. The service would be charged Rs 1+ Tax/ Minute.

Q3. I am unable to access both the service?
Ans: Call 1236 helpline and register a complaint.

Q4.  Will I be charged for cricket info service in case there is no live match available?
Ans: Yes.

Q5. . Under which the usage charges of cricket info and call me back services will be visible?
Ans: In the monthly bill, you can see the usage charges under the head “PRS/Voice Portal Charges”


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