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PTA denied withdraw of Tax on international phone calls

PTA denied withdraw of Tax on international phone calls

Long distance incoming overseas phone calls
Tax on international calls not abolished yet: PTA
Matter is currently being heard by the Lahore High Court

ISLAMABAD (Daily Express Tribune / Wednesday, December 5, 2012) – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) took action on Tuesday to clarify media reports claiming the authority had abolished the tax on incoming international telephone calls. The authority said the matter is currently being heard by the Lahore High Court (LHC).

PTA denied news about abolishing tax on international phone calls

The announcement comes just a day after the PTA had to issue a clarification denying that the ban on the video sharing website YouTube has been lifted.
This recent clarification followed a notification issued by the authority about the decision to suspend interconnection circuits of long distance and international operators.

“It [the notification] is being misinterpreted,” PTA spokesperson Malahat Rab told The Express Tribune.

She further said that the matter was subjudice and ” It [the notification] is being misinterpreted PTA spokesperson Malahat Rab
the LHC would take it up on December 5 (today).
The LHC had earlier sought a reply from the PTA regarding the levy of an additional tax on incoming international telephone calls and had issued a stay order. The court issued the order on a petition moved by Saad Saleem on behalf of Pakistani expatriates financially overburdened by an additional tax on international calls.
Previously, a local telecom company filed the main petition challenging the levy of the additional tax. This company contended that an additional tax on the incoming international calls was a violation of the rules prescribed in section 4 of the Competition Commission Act which prohibits the price fixing and division of markets through quotas.

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    The court had ordered to stop charging higher tax during the court proceedings but probably that was not done by the operators. On complaining the matter to the court, the court ordered to submit the compliance (that higher rate will not be charged) report by Jan 14. The PTA has also issued a notification (http://propakistani.pk/2012/12/20/breaking-ldi-operators-asked-to-charge-pre-ich-rates-for-international-incoming-calls/) to the operators to submit the compliance report before Dec 24 so that it can be presented in the court on Jan 14.

    Apparently, all the operators are not complying and they can not produce the compliance report.

    The question is, Who is doing the tricks? Court says that the new tax notification is cancelled — PTA says that following the court decision, it has cancelled its tax rise notifications through new notification dated Dec 17, 2012 (http://cdn4.propakistani.pk/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/PTA-letter-ICH-Suspension.jpg) — And operators are adamant that nothing has changed 🙁

    Waiting to hear from Localphone that WHO IS CHARGING HIGHER RATES FROM THEM?



  2. PTA has not issued notification yet to reverse the directives. That is why the rates are not decreased substantially. Next hearing of the case in Lahore high court is on 14th January. We must hope that the court will order PTA to reverse the directives. and we will be paying same old price that was before taxes…ONLY IF PETITIONER AND THE JUDGES 🙂

  3. ab to tax nahi he localphone kyun nahi rate kam karta /

    • Sana,
      tax nahi hay ?? withdrawn hoo gia hay ???

  4. Tax have been withdrawn from abroad to Pakistan
    But don’t know why all calling card still charging for Pakistan

    • Really ?? When ?? Do you have any link regarding that decision ??

  5. On Christmas day I tried to phone from my daughters number 01252 727083, my contact in Thailand, and was asked for my account number and pin. As I don’t have a pin I was unable to make the important call.Can you please let me have a pin number so I am able to use your service when I am away from my home number?

    Harry Lucas.

  6. zardari and co are selling off everything in pakistan and filling their pockets as time approaches for their demise,they are sending every rupee hard earned and taxes paid money abroad and have put the poor people of pakistan on trials and heavy taxes on everything.these crooks and corrupt dakoits have got together for the last chace to loot the nation and destroy the economy and soon flying out of country to abroad where they have put their looted money and settled with thir childrens and families.may Allah protect Pakistan and save the nation from opression and cruelty of these theives and traitors-Aameen.the nation should also open their eyes and beware of the traitors and support those people and vote for those who are pious and trustworthy and followers of the Qur’aan and Authentic Ahadeeth with aqeedae(belief in the Oneness of Allah ) Touheed-aameen.zardari was right to say jamhuriyyat(democrazy)is the best revange he certailny has taken revange from Pakistan!!..

  7. This is very stupid, for some reason you are limiting my calls to 32sec, is that a joke and to make matters worse you don’t even have direct contacts. I need resolution on that ASUP.

  8. Icallmore Offering 250 MInut pleas contact retail shop

  9. I have credit balance but I can not call in my country. Why?

  10. Localphone.com get your facts straight. On Dec 5th PTA announced the withdrawal of tax, today is Dec 13th you are still charging the tax, credit every single customer back what you have charged between Dec 5th till today.

  11. Uffff my GOD. I can’t take this anymore. What’s wrong with PTA why they are doing this bullshit with foreigners. I am fed up with all this. No one is there to enforce PTA for following court order. Why they are insisting on a wrong this. They have no justification to increase the price.

    • Babar,
      This is PPP behind PTA and PPP is in government so who can stop government. We all know Zardari sahab bhook kay maray hulkay kutay ki tarah phir rehay hain aur joo bhi unn kay samnay aiay ga uss koo munh zaroor marian gay woh.
      This is the only opportunity to Pakistani people to decide about themselves by select the right person in next election. PTI is the right party for Pakistan but Pakistani are not going to select that party because they don’t want to be free, they want to remain slaves and like the life style/law & order they are in right now.
      We who lives in abroad can only burn ourselves my friend !

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