Telecom Pensioners Association Move Application in Supreme Court to become Party in Appeal of PTET/PTCL

Telecom Pensioners Association Move Application in Supreme Court to become Party in Appeal of PTET/PTCL

Islamabad (Thursday, July 3rd, 2014) – TPA (Telecom Pensioners Association) has filed an application CM 3540/2014 in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to become a party in the appeals filed by PTET/PTCL regarding pension increases and Medical Allowance cases.

The association apparently did not carried out proper consultations prior to filing this this application.Many senior colleagues/legal experts are of the view that the judgements given by the Islamabad High Court single and division benches are “in REM” so do not require such an application.

It may only cause delay in the ongoing hearing of appeals in the Supreme Court which may have been rejected in the preliminary hearing at the very next date.Now the opponent counsels will raise objections on this application rather proceed on their own appeals hence creating delay,the prime and only objective of PTET/PTCL.

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APPPAC (All Pakistan PTCL Pensioners Action Committee)


Fazal Ali Writes in Facebook
قابل توجھ
ٹی پی اے ٹیلیکم پنشنرز ایسوسی ایشن نے مورخ انیس جون پر سپریم کورٹ میں ایک درحوست دی ھے اور ایک فریق بننے کی کوشیش کی ھے اگر تھوڑا صبر کر لیتے تو اچھا ھوتا نھ کسی سے مشورہ کیا ھے ابھی تو پی ٹی ای ٹی اور پی ٹی سی ایل کا اپیل سپریم کورٹ میں سما
عت کیلئے منظور نھیں ھوا ھے کھ ٹی پی اے اسلام اباد والوں نےاپنے طرف سے پنگاہ لیا ھے کیا ضرورت تھی کیا مقاصد ھے انکا الله الله کرکے اسلاماباد ھائ کورٹ سے نکلے ھیں اگر پنشنرز کو کوئ نقصان پھنچا تو ٹی پی اے ذمھ دار ھوگی ھم کسی نقصان کو برداشت نھیں کر سکتے.

Iftikhar Ahmad Writes in Facebook

So prima facie seems, it is planted and backed by PTCL administration.
Mahwish Iqbal writes in Facebook
bus hearing he hoti rahe ge ya kabhi pension barhey gi bhe?

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  1. Aslam Baloch says:

    I am unable to understand that why all PTCL Pensioners ( Like Action Committees, Association, Unions etc… ) will not meet together on single point Agenda i.e. ” PENSION SHOULD BE INCREASED ” and try to understand each-other. I am and also my friends disappointed this practice and humbly requested to T.P.A. Please please should co-operate with our other pensioner union like APPPA Action committee. They are also our brother as like you.

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