Telenor Launched VSS For its Permanent Employees رضاکارانہ علیحدگی سکیم

Telenor Launched VSS For its Permanent Employees – Shutdown 17 customer service centers – رضاکارانہ علیحدگی سکیم

Islamabad (Thursday, January 5th, 2016) – Pakistan’s second largest mobile phone company has announced VSS scheme for its employees. These permanent employees are working in company owned customer service centers.

Voluntary Severance Scheme (VSS) has been offered to all employees working in customer service centers.

Telenor Shutdown all 17 Company Owned Customer Service centers

Now Telenor’s all services will be  through franchises service centers.  Telenor has said that now business dynamics has been changes. And there is no need of company owned service centers. Telenor Pakistan has 289 technologically advanced franchises centers in the the country.

Benefits for VSS Employees of Telenor?

Telenor Pakistan is offering a payout of up to seven gross salaries, including payment in lieu of notice period, plus other benefits that include medical allowances, in addition to annual bonus (2.25 salaries) and gratuity for eligible employees under the company policy.

  • 7 Gross Salaries
  • Payment in liu of notice period
  • Medical Allowance
  • Annual Bonus @ 2.25 salaries
  • Gratuity

Telenor is 2nd largest cellular company of the country. It has customer base of 38.47 million (3 crore eighty five lacs).

Telenor VSS 2017

Telenor VSS 2017

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