Telenor Pakistan holds award ceremony for developers

Telenor Pakistan holds award ceremony for developers

Telenor djuice Apportunity competition 2012

Islamabad (Saturday, November 10, 2012) – Telenor Pakistan djuice Apportunity competition ended with an award distribution ceremony. Apportunity invited students from different universities to create mobile phone applications (apps) in different categories.

This year Apportunity attracted 1,700 plus registrations from top eight universities across Pakistan. Around 83 apps were published and promoted for almost three months. The winners were selected on the basis of most downloaded apps.


Karachi University with highest number of apps submissions was awarded high-end computer for their lab. To improve the quality of app submission, djuice has partnered with Qualcomm, Nokia and Google who helped in conducting workshops across different universities in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Detail about Telenor djuice Apportunity competition

Are you ready to make the world’s no. 1 mobile app?

djuice brings Opportunity 2012!

Get ready to make the app of the future and do your khamoshi ka boycott by getting your app published and downloaded the world over.

Under this program, we will help developers in getting their apps published on app stores including Nokia, OVI, Google market place, and Apple app store. Apart from all the publishing related hassle for the developers, we will help them get good placements for a smoother app discovery process.
How to enter?

Registrations for Opportunity 2012 have been closed.
Categories of apps

djuice branding assets have been uploaded for developers to integrate within their apps. Those using it more creatively will earn extra points!

Basic & Utilities
Education & Learning
Friends & Social
Games & Fun
Green & Environment
Location & Presence
Music & Tones
Urdu & Regional
Khamoshi ka Boycott – the special category where you have to develop an app that aims to help a social cause

How will djuice support you

Making sure your app is usable, friendly and runs on all handsets
Getting it published on global app stores
Helping you promote your app
Helping you make money from your app
Rewarding best downloads with exciting prizes like ipads, monetary scholarships, free mobile internet and much more
We have partnered with PB (Islamabad), VectraCom (Karachi) and Anahata (Lahore) to help you improve your apps as they’ll act as mentors for you throughout the program

App Development Platforms

You can work on any of the following platforms for your app: Java, Android, Symbian, iOS. Online resources for App development are available here.
Free trainings and workshops on App Development

djuice has partnered up with Nokia, Qualcomm and Google to equip students with latest skillset required for mobile app development. We are visiting places and conducting free trainings for university students. In order to be part of workshop or training, please write to us at
djuice artwork kit

Feel free to download and use djuice’s creative elements while designing your apps!
Opportunity 2011

We got an amazing response from you all with djuice Apportunity 2011 – around 450 registrations from 63 cities nationwide. Out of these 21 Android Apps, 3 iOS apps and 4 Nokia Apps made it on the app stores. After intense testing, quality control exercises and user rating 7 apps have won the competition.

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