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Today(5-10-2017) Raja Riaz case and regular employees contempt case update

Today(5-10-17) Raja Riaz case and rgular employees contempt case in HSCP up date

Posted as received from Mr Abdul Wadood PTCL emplyee
Dear All
Allah is the Greatest
All to recite Alhamdu Lillah for more trillion and trillion times
Today Supreme Court case updates
By the Grace and countless blessing of allah Almighty swt
HHSCP case routed to a very very favorable direction. Today Raja Muhammad Riaz played a very good and vital role for which have no words to appreciate. PTCL Sr. ASC Mr. Khalid Anwar tried his best to route back and club the case with VSS case retired in IHC filed by PTCL under section 12(2), but the court rejected his stance being unrelated.

Previous News Report of Court Case

Mr. Khalid Anwar further delivered a massive debate to prove PTCL employees as non GOVT Private but to no vain. The court finally decided to invite AGPR staff in HSCP by tomorrow for witness of Pay and pension calculations which must be acceptable to all parties. PTCL tried best to avoid AGPR but HSCP had decided to resolve the issue once for all.

PTCL then appealed court to adjourned it for 02 weeks but luckily HSCP Bench also does agreed to PTCL this request and granted them time only up to Tuesday, 10/10/2017.

All employees, their families and friends are repeatedly requested to offer special prayers, virds , recite the Holy Quran, Masnoon Duaian , Slat Hajjat , Drood Shareef and all times prays with the court of hearts for final verdict in favor of employees and order to PTCL management to Pay our legal payments within a defined time and give the poor workers their due rights for which they are suffering very badly and miserably for more than 12 years.

No doubt, your prayers & prays will change the hearts of judiciaries as well as PTCL legal counsel and management.

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