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Ufone Futura PTCL EVO innovative phone capable of accessing 3G

Mobile technologies: Ufone Futura PTCL EVO innovative phone capable of accessing 3G:
Ufone PTCL Futura 3G EVO Mobile Opens opportunities including giving users access to live television.
One of the country’s major cellular operators has launched a mobile phone capable of accessing 3G internet technology using PTCL’s existing EVDO network, providing users with internet speeds never seen before in the country. So 3G is finally here … kind of.
3G will be specifically available on this dual mode GSM+EVDO phone. The phone – called ‘Uth Futura’ is the first device of its kind, which doesn’t use the normal 3G spectrum, rather relies on PTCL’s existing network, the one used by EVDO USB devices. Hence, voice calls can be made via the Ufone network, and data accessed via the PTCL network, while PTCL’s EVO network is unavailable data services will be run through GPRS.

Ufone Futura Mobile - PTCL EVO 3G

Standard voice and sms charges apply, depending on the package the user subscribes to. Users can subscribe to two data packages – one is an hourly package which charges Rs25 per hour, while the other is a monthly, limitless package, offering unlimited internet (currently, free of fair use limits) for Rs2,000 per month.
Interestingly, the phone can be used as a modem for a computer as well – by connecting the data cable with the device, and the device to the PC. Unfortunately, WiFi is not supportive on this device.  This opens up a new world of opportunities in internet browsing, and the device also gives users access to live television on the go.
Futura has a built in UMobile TV application which will initially offer eight channels, including PTV News, PTV Home, ATV, Express 24/7 and others. The Telco is offering users a 15-day free trial in order to familiarise themselves with the live TV facility. Additionally, on activation of the service, subscribers will be given ten free bonus hours of high speed 3G EVO internet, which can be utilised on the phone, and used while using the phone as a modem with a computer.
Ufone’s CEO Abdul Aziz claimed that the Futura – a reasonably priced mobile phone – will completely revamp the mind-set of internet and tech savvy users, by exposing them to high speed internet facilities at low costs.
(Published in “Express Tribune” on May 27, 2011)

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  1. I have Futura.
    But listen people,its evo package cannot be changed.
    I wanna change its package to unlimited but i dont know how to do it.
    If anyone knows,please reply.

  2. monthly cost is too high

  3. get idea, get idea 3g not ufone, mobilink, zong, telenor, warid, tang agahe videocall ka naam sunte sunte par no functions

  4. 3g oh i think ptcl n ufone ko 3G ka pata nai =)) itnay sms packages daitay hai yah compny walay koi kam ki chez b dai du 🙁 pakistan mai 3g kub ai ga NO IDEA :)) ufone , mobilink, zong, telenor, warid get IDEA =))

    long live pakistan

  5. i agree with javeed saqib that its not realy a 3g . we got to have freedom to chose of mobile set and 3g service provider, rather then using a low quality mobile set. when u connect a mobile with a pc as a modem it consumes the mobile battery very fast that the battery comes to end in just one hour of usage . (but with futura which is a china made i think it will be dead in 30min ).
    its no 3g , its just a “drama” from ptcl and ufone for the customers. india is 30 years ahead of us in gsm(3g) and also DTH(cable tv by ) stelite .
    we are surely waiting for the right 3g tech………. 🙁

  6. 3G launch kro ab time hai k india k saath compete kiya jaye kun tamam network walay soye huay hain launch 3G as soon as possible

  7. Please launch 3g for all 3g sets i am waiting so long for it but definately gona try futura…

  8. It is too not so bad. Good step toward’s the fast tecnology. Awr kuchh na hone se hona behtar hai. Chahe futura mobile ki shakal main hi sahi.

  9. Yar bachon ko behlane wali baat hai ptcl agar 3g tec. Provied karna chahta hai to celloler networks ko is ki permition de. Ghatiaa se china mobile main 3g se kon c competible apps. Awr downloading ho sakti hai? Agar 3g dena chahte hain to mobile ki azadi dain. Taake main apne n97 main 3g use kar sakun. Smartphones. Ipod i phone wagera pe 3g ka apna hi maza hota hai jo ke pc pe bhi nahi. So please koi deal kisi gsm network ke saath karain chahe ufone ya koi bhi. Taake hamain 3g evo modem ke bagair mile jise ham apni choice ke handset pe use kar sakain. Pakistan ab woh nahi. Shuru karain. Nuksaan nahi hoga. Log 3g ke intzaar main kab se hain. Hamin to india ki comercials hi soney nahi deti.

  10. Whether EVO Employee package can be availed on futura mobile ?

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