Ufone Launched Umonitor Service

Ufone Launched UMonitor Service

Ufone Umonitor Service

Ufone UMonitor Service
Ufone is proud to bring its customers yet another innovative
and smart service – UMonitor;
Ufone is proud to bring its customers yet another innovative and smart service – UMonitor; a service with which you will be able to monitor calls on three prepaid phone numbers. Now create a white list for those numbers and decide to what numbers they can call and receive calls from.
This service helps businesses monitor their employees or you can simply make sure who your friends are contacting and are contacted from.
Dial 6363 to subscribe to the service. After subscription, you will be given the option to add up to three phone numbers that you will want to monitor.
Maximum of three phone numbers can be added to the list of numbers you want to monitor.
On addition of the phone number you want to monitor to the list, a confirmation SMS will be sent to that number asking for verification.
If the monitored phone number replies to the confirmation SMS with Y/YES, the number will be added to the monitor list. You and the monitored number will be notified through SMS. If the number you wish to monitor does not reply with Y/YES, the number will not be added to the monitor list.
After confirmation from the phone number you wish to monitor, you will have the option to call 6363 or SMS relevant commands to 6464 for management of monitored number.
The monitored numbers will be managed and maintained separately for each number listed in the monitor list.
A maximum of 20 numbers can be added to the white list of each monitored phone numbers.
In case the monitored phone number tries to contact a number not listed in the contacts allowed, the subscriber will get an announcement ‘You don’t have the facility to make outgoing call’.
If someone makes a call to the monitored number & that person is not allowed call then he/she will listen to the following announcement:
‘The number you have dialled is powered off’
SMS Commands:
SMS Commands Function
ADD <monitored MSISDN> Add a new number to monitor list.
ON WL <monitored MSISDN> Activate whitelist for monitored MSISDN
OFF <monitored MSISDN> Turn off active white list for monitored MSISDN
ADD WL < monitored MSISDN> 0332xxxx Add 0332xxxx to whitelist of monitored MSISDN
DEL WL < monitored MSISDN> 0332xxxx Remove 0332xxxx from whitelist of monitored MSISDN
LIST WL < monitored MSISDN> List current whitelist for monitored MSISDN
You can manage your UMonitor profile by sending the following commands to the shortcode 6464
Prepaid users will be charged Rs.5+tax/week
Postpaid users will be charged Rs.20+tax/month
Monitored number will not be charged.
Calls to 6363 will be charged at Rs.0.10+tax/minute.
Each SMS to shortcode 6464 will be free of cost.
U-Monitor Service – Terms and Conditions:
This service is available to all Ufone Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.
The UMonitor service will only be applicable on incoming and outgoing calls of prepaid monitored phone numbers
Only Prepaid numbers can be added to monitor list

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