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Ufone NANO SIM – First Time in Pakistan – Fit for iphone 5

Ufone introduces Nano Sim – First Time in Pakistan – Fit for iphone 5

Lahore (Tuesday, October 03, 2012) – Ufone is subsidiary of Etisalt Pakistan. It is a unique mobile cellular company in Pakistan. Now it is introducing NANO SIM (Subscriber Information Module) in 3 cities of Pakistan i.e Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

What is Nano Sim and its Benefits?

Apple iphone 5 and Nano Sim

iPhone 5 is a very noticeable 18% slimmer than the 4S. In order to reduce thickness, Apple had to completely overhaul previously used technology – like replacing the 30-pin connector with the new Lightning connector – or further reduce size of existing components, something you’ll notice when you realize that your shiny new iPhone doesn’t have enough room for your standard SIM or Micro SIM card; the iPhone 5 uses an even smaller Nano SIM card.

Can current SIM convertible into Nano SIM?

Now, there are two ways of going about getting your Nano SIM card. The first thing to do is to visit your wireless network’s local customer service center and get them to replace your current SIM with a Nano SIM, or you can follow the guide after the jump and turn your SIM into a Nano SIM at home

Ufone NANO SIM for iphone 5

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