Ufone wins Pakistan Advertising society (PAS) award 2010-2011

Ufone wins Pakistan Advertising society (PAS) award 2010-2011
Islamabad (May 30, 2011) – Ufone was recently bestowed the best advertising campaign award 2010-2011 by the Pakistan Advertising society (PAS). The PAS was formed to promote the value of advertising and to ensure that the recipients realise the importance advertising has in economic development and to spread how imperative it is for the consumer to have options to choose from.
The society’s existence strives for excellence in advertising. Over the last few years advertisers have taken a number of steps in order to stand out in the hope that consumers will choose their brands over those being offered by competition, but one brand that has stood out no matter what industry is ‘Ufone’.
Ufone has given humour as a platform a whole new meaning, the unique yet highly amusing advertising with concepts never seen before have taken over the hearts of the nation. It is due to the element of excitement and humour that today Ufone’s ads are loved by all no matter where they reside around the country. Most importantly a number of these adverts are true to life hence viewers can relate to instances in their own lives. The team of actors/comedians in their advertising have each become household names, which has played an important role in the likeability towards the brand itself.-PR
(Published in “Business Recorder” on May 31, 2011)

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