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UNI Global Union Writes Letter to President PTCL on workers issues

UNI ICTS Global Union (Switzerland) Writes to President PTCL on workers issues


UNI ICTS Global Union

Mr. Philip J. Jennings, General Secretary, UNI Global Union

8-10 Ave. Reverdil, Nyon 1260, Switzerland



Walid Irshaid

Presidents & CEO PTCL

Block-E, Sector G-8/4,

lslamabad-44000, Pakistan



Nyon, 20th August 2012

Dignity for workers and respect for trade unions in PTCL

Dear Mr. Irshaid,

As General Secretary of UNI Global Union, which represents more than 20 million workers in 900 unions around the world in the services sector, I write to you to express our deep concern over the recent buyouts at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and to support our affiliate the Pakistan Employees Telecom Union (PTEU).

In 2008 the PTCL cut its workforce by 30,000 through what it called a Voluntary Separation Scheme. On 27 July 2012, with only 25,000 employees remaining of an initial 60,000, your company announced that it will buy out a further 16,000 employees through similar redundancy schemes, leaving only 9,000 to run the entire company. Even today, many employees work 12 hour days without overtime compensation and have very limited possibilities to take annual leave due to the high workload.

Our affiliate PTEU also reports that the voluntary redundancies are voluntary only in name; in practice your company is intimidating the employees into accepting the scheme or face summary dismissals with no compensation. What is more, the compensation awarded to those employees who leave the company voluntarily is less than what you offered in 2008.

The situation is further exacerbated by PTCL’s failure to properly consult with the employees of the company before announcing the redundancies, and in particular with our affiliate PTEU. In 2010 we called upon you in several letters to respect workers’ fundamental right to organize and carry out lawful trade union activities in accordance with Pakistani labor law. Today, we regret that we must remind you that trade unions have a right to be consulted before major workplace redundancies take place.

UNI Global Union therefore urges you to stop the redundancies and consult and negotiate in good faith with our affiliate PTEU, as well as to refrain from threatening your employees to leave the company. The future and sustainable success of PCTL hinges upon a positive relationship between the social partners and a sizeable and committed workforce capable of providing high-quality services to your customers.

Philip J. Jennings General Secretary UNI

UNI Global Union   |   8-10 Avenue Reverdil   |   1260 Nyon   |   Switzerland Tel:+41 22 365 2100   |   Fax:+41 22 365 2121   |  www.uniglobalunion.org

UNI Global Union Writes to President and CEO PTCL on workers issues dates 20/08/2012


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