Verify Your Name in Voter List – SMS on 8300

ECP Voters List Verification from Mobile SMS on 8300 from March 1, 2012 : Charges for one SMS Rs. 2/=

Islamabad (February 11, 2012) – Election Commission of Pakistan has finalized all arrangement for the voter verification through mobile SMS. This facilty will be active from March 1, 2012. Pakistani Nationals will verify their name in new updated voter list for voting in general election to be held in this year (2012) or next year (2013).

Voters List Verification from Mobile SMS on 8300 from March 1, 2012


  1. jamil khawaja says:

    yes, it works. thanks to election commission of pakistan for this convient speedy solution.

  2. Asghar Ali says:

    Kisi bi cnic number ka name aur father name jannay k lye iss no. per contact krien#0344-6395237

  3. lt Col ibrahim farooq pahsa says:

    Sir, My permanent adress is of Samanabad, Lahore. Please change my vote to the said area. Lt Col Ibrahim Farooq Pasha. Phone 03334364305. 03218122913.

  4. Imran Qamar says:

    No such information is being provided, I have sent sms to 8300 it was told to me to visit the nearest display center or District Election Commission Office.

  5. Adnan Shabbir says:

    great service and I am surprised that it is really working. but it didn’t tell me my name , city name and village name as prescribe above .

  6. imdad ali chandio larkana says:

    government ko kya takleef the jo mobile companyo ne 30 pesa fee sms ka kaha or inho ne 2.00 rupee kardiya ye hukmuran h awam k kher khuwah


  8. ye servic fre honi cahi ti hakumat ne aik our ye nw lotne ka kam shuru kar dia hai. lanat hai tum perr

  9. WILL BE BEST SERVICE for justice , but will be very problen for dunomber Voters for the Ministers etc PHER INSAF ZAROR HUGA ,ABI DU NOMBERs MINISTERO KO KESSI GHAREEB VOTERS KA KOHI PARWA HI NAHI HAIN q k MELYBAGHAT DUNOMBERS VOTUs SAY ARAEY HAIN , MAHMOLY NOKARI LENEY KELEHY KHUD APNEY BAHIYOU KE SATH KAHDEY HAIN KESSI KU CHANS NAHI DETEY HAIN ,, Messal kessi ne first posion pass keya ,leken yeh waziro ka bahi apney waley tarakey pass posion waley ku nokari detey hain SO STILL NOT JUSTICE FOR VOTERS

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