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PTCL VSS 2016 – Early Bird Last day

VSS 2016: Early Bird Last day.

Dear all such PTCL employees …Be careful
Giving bonus of Rs two Lakh for VSS-2016 ,is just for attraction for the people to avail this VSS -2016 and it is the the ample proof that pepoles avoiding it and are not interested to avail it. As for as their plea is concerned that no court has directed to revise the pay scale, is the clear violation of Supreme Court verdict in Raja Riaz Case is ie Muhammad Riaz Vs PTCL as under
Judgement in Muhammad Riaz case in 2015 SCMR 1783
There are two parts of Raja Riaz’s judgment. First, pay and allowance as per Civil Servant Act, 1973, and rules framed thereunder (Section 3 to 22 of Act, 1973), encashmment of 360 days pay instead of 180 days in lieu of un-availed LPR, calculation of pensionery benefits under revised pay scale at par with Civil Servants. And second, enhancement of pension as announced by the Government. And since the issue of Muhammad Riaz ( called Raja Riaz) is the same as of all such all PTCL employees [ie who stood transferred from PTC to PTCL on 1-1-1996 and became the employees of PTCL , hence according to verdicts of Supreme in Masood Bhattie case reported in 2012 SCMR 152, all such PTCL employees would be governed by statutory rules inter alia under Federal Govt Civil Servant Act 1973 and PTCL has no any power to alter it for their disadvantages] so the Supreme Court decesion in favour of Muhammad Riaz will be applicable to all such PTCL employees accordingly in pursuance decesion of Supreme Court reported in 1996 SCMR 1186 ie the decision made by a court in favour of an employee will be applicable to other employee on the same issue.in this connection the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan , Judgement , of 1996 SCMR 1186 . Hence according to this decesion of Supreme Court in Raja Riaz case PTCL is bound to revise the pay scales of all such employees in PTCL according to the Federal Govt ‘s pay scales whatever may be. As per record the PTCL discontinued the same wef 1-7-2005 and never bothered to revise the same ie the pay scales as of GoP.

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