Warid Telecom launches “Warid Buzz” interactive service for its corporate customers

Warid Telecom launches “Warid Buzz” interactive service for its corporate customers

  Lahore (Monday, March 18, 2013) – Warid Telecom, leading the way of innovation in Pakistan’s telecom industry, has launched the “Warid Buzz” app specially focused towards its corporate customers.


Warid Buzz Service

Warid Buzz Service

“Warid Buzz” is an innovative service by Warid Telecom which allows users to record their information on an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) channel and their followers and audiences can dial in to listen whenever they want to. This is an interesting platform for customers looking into opportunities for voice blogging.

Warid Telecom’s corporate customers can dial 2898 and record voice messages for their audiences. All voice publishers will be assigned a unique ID which they can share with their respective audience and followers; audiences can utilize the ID to listen to the recorded message. This enables the publishers to freely utilize the service to record messages as only their audience will have access to the publisher’s ID.

For example, Warid Corporate customers can dial the publisher code 2898 and record voice updates for their clients to listen to. Clients can listen to the recorded buzz by dialing in to the listener code 2899 and entering the Corporate’s unique ID.


Publishers dial 2898 to record their message

Listeners dial 2899 and listen to the content posted by publishers

Multiple people can dial in at the same time to listen to the recording


For publishers: Rs.300+tax/month

For listeners: 10 paisas/minute

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