Wateen introduced CacheMARA system for Caching solution

Wateen introduced CacheMARA system for Caching solution

LAHORE (Monday, March 5, 2012) : Wateen Telecom has selected MARA Systems as its vendor for providing a caching solution which will improve customer’s quality of experience and enable bandwidth savings for the company.
CacheMARA appliance solution offers a unique caching mechanism that enables caching for content from leading video portals, CDNs and file hosters. It also cuts down unproductive use of the Internet and consumption of network bandwidth.
Speaking about the contract, Wateen Chief Technology Officer Faisal Sattar said that the web has changed and grown significantly as social networking, video streaming, and file hosting sites have become popular, requiring more and more bandwidth.
MARA Systems provide an excellent support, real time statistics and outstanding results for caching on multimedia content. By caching sites on local servers, our consumers will benefit from reduced load times, he added.
MARA Systems provides appliance solutions and services to telecom operators around the globe, such as Telecom of Thailand (ToT), Hadara Technologies Palestine, and within other sectors such as education and government through BT-AL Saudi Arabia (MENA region).
MARA Systems Sales Manager Cesar Reis explains: “Nowadays, video and other media content delivered over the internet from sites such as YouTube often account for a significant amount of user traffic. The CacheMARA is an intuitive solution that delivers high caching support for several service protocols and continuously updated to deliver optimal bandwidth savings. With CacheMARA the high-end hardware complement the unique caching software and technology perfectly.
The result is an investment that delivers fast ROI and supports our customers’ business growth in a cost-effective way.(Press Release)

What is CacheMARA?
How to Optimize Your Bandwidth Using CacheMARA
Today, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) steadily face new challenges as the Internet is rapidly evolving and a greater number of users are to be supplied with broadband Internet connections.
ISPs have to adapt themselves continually and scale their network infrastructure in order to provide high quality services to their clients. Web 2.0 applications like video portals and content delivery networks (CDNs) are causing massive amounts of traffic on the part of the ISP. New technologies like Voice-over-IP have to be offered to keep up with the competition. Providing a consistently good service quality is therefore not an easy task as clients are expecting a fast response and a reliable connection.
Our caching appliance solutions help organizations to enhance their network performance, remain competitive in today’s fast-paced technological environments by reducing costs with bandwidth. The range of different caching models are designed to deliver optimal performance of small to large network infrastructures while maintaining high security of traffic flow.
CacheMARA is a high end cache cluster specially tailored to the needs of ISPs. It provides local caching of static and dynamic web content to enable ISPs to accelerate downloads of their customers and save valuable traffic by optimizing the utilized bandwidth. Instead of buying an expensive bandwidth upgrade, the ISP can easily incorporate CacheMARA into its network infrastructure to fully exploit its potential. As you add more subscribers to your network, CacheMARA can be expanded to optimally grow with increased bandwidth utilization.

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