Wateen Telecom Relaunch its Products Brand with New Logo

Lahore (October 31, 2011) – On Monday Wateen Telecom Pakistan re-launch its services and products with new enthusiasm. Wateen also launched its new logo. Wateen is renowned telecommunication company in Pakistan providing services in the field of Voice, Data and Multimedia.

Wateen Telecom announced its new corporate identity in line with the vision laid out by its new management team.

The philosophy behind the new visual identity represents ‘Freedom,’ based on unlimited possibilities to connect, share, exchange and communicate.

Wateen Telecom chief executive officer Naeem Zamindar said. “The new Wateen is focused on enabling its customers’ lives and business by being the most reliable, responsive and innovative broadband solutions provider.”
Wateen already has begun partnering with some of Pakistan’s leading institutions to expand its network and bring its vision of providing internet to every household in Pakistan a little bit closer.
According to recent World Bank estimates, around 68 percent of Pakistan’s population resides in rural areas. Yet currently only 2-3 percent of this rural population has access to broadband Internet, Wateen believes high-speed broadband can help connect these underserved areas to the internet and by extension to the world.
The company is also expanding its network into Afghanistan, providing VSAT services to Roshan Telecom Afghanistan, amongst other innovative and groundbreaking projects.

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  1. hi hom bohat arsee see antezar karahi hi agar wateen usb lanch hojaee kohat mee adar evo ordsl kee speed 2mb ke 20kb/sec 40kb/sec hi agar mehrabanee karee ore kohat mee lanch karee ptcl waloo see achee kam karnee kee omed bee pozol hi

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