What is 3G Mobile Technology?

What is 3G?

Internet Speed will Increase by 10 times!


Islamabad (Tuesday, September 3, 2013) – In Pakistan Mobile Market today 3G is topic of the day. Supreme Court has ordered to make auctions of 3G license as early as before 1 month.

Questions are arising in the mind of common peoples:-

What is 3G?

What is Speed of 3G Mobile?

What differences will be between 2G and 3G?

What will be the Cost of 3G connection?

Can a common man will afford a 3G mobile connection?

What is 3G, Internet Speed will be 10 times high

What is 3G, Internet Speed will be 10 times high

At present Pakistanis are using 2G technology in Cellular Phones for accessing internet services.

There are 123 countries in the world who are using 3G technology so for. There are also tens of countries who have achieved 4G technology also.

3G Technology will make it possible to make video live calls and chats on mobiles. It will also make it possible to watch live TV streams.




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