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What is Nano Sim and its Benefits?

What Is Nano Sim?

With every passing day new innovations are introduced in mobile technology from the houses of different technological brands. Nano SIM is one of those technologies that are recently introduced to technology lovers. Before going to introduce Nano SIM, let’s move to a couple of decades back when mobile phones were the latest innovations.

Comparison between micro sim and Nano Sim (SIM Technologies)


Nano Sim

In those days, mobile phones were pretty large and was looking like bricks and briefcases and therefore there Sim cards were also as big as credit cards with a little application storage. As human nature is always staying in search of comfort and convenience therefore after advancement the mobile handsets were shrunk to present sizes and definitely their SIM cards have also got a small size. However, humans didn’t stop their work here.

Ufone Nano SIM

Today, people love to have mobile phones that are small in size and big in data and application storage. The reduction in the sizes of mobile phones introduced small SIM cards; plug in SIM and third form factor also known as 3 FF and Mini-UICC. 3 FF or Micro SIM has got an immense popularity with the launch of iPad from the house of Apple. The popularity was actually the motivation for SIM size reductions and hence the 4 FF or Nano SIMs was born. The latest SIM technology is now ad days in discussion among the experts of telecommunication. The latest technology has a 40% reduction in size as compare to that of 3 FF technology and 60% to conventional SIMs. The size of Nano SIM is 12.3 millimeter in width by 8.8 millimeter in length and 0.67 millimeter in thickness. All famous companies including Apple, Motorola, RIM and Nokia have a battle regarding the new proposed design for the latest Nano SIM card. According to some unconfirmed and hidden sources, the design by Apple has been approved for the latest Nano SIM.
Nano SIM is much beneficial to further innovations in the field of telecommunication devices. These sims are thought as exceptional items for more slim and sleek cell phone designs. The design presented by Apple is chosen by ETSI or European Telecommunication standard Institute and has also announced to be published in a short period of time. However, the news is still not confirmed officially by ETSI that they have chosen nano SIM presented by Apple. Rumors are circulating that the next generation of iPhones will surely have Nano SIM trays. Apart from iPhone, all latest smart phones and cell phones will designed in accordance of Nano SIM for the coming year.

Nano sims are different from micro sims and other traditional sims just in its size, and will remain same in all other performances. Another difference between Nano Sim and Micro Sim is that, you can cut your regular SIM with SIM cutter to convert it in micro SIM whereas you cannot convert it into Nano SIM. Nano sim is under the supervision of ETSI and is going through different checking procedures in order to make it a standard and flawless innovation.

Benefits Of Nano Sim

Nano SIM is the fourth generation of SIM card technology. These are known as 4 FF and micro-micro SIM. They are about 60% smaller than regular SIM cards and 40% smaller than micro SIM cards or 3 FF and are about 15% less in thickness. The SIM will perform everything similar to that of regular SIM cards and micro SIM cards and are currently under the supervision of ETSI for standardization. News are leaked from unconfirmed sources that the proposed design of Nano SIM is presented by Apple and may be the next generation of iPhones comes with a specific Nano SIM designs.

Nano SIM will be compatible to perform everything exactly like current SIM cards however there is a big advantage that is only part of nano SIM. The comparatively small size of these SIM allows space to technologists to make future innovations in the field of telecommunication. Some of the expected benefits of nano Sims can be.

Large batteries and storage place
Small SIM cards definitely because of its small sizes cover a little space and allow some free space for other uses. Large batteries are one of them, with nano sim a larger battery can be used which will increase in battery life time. Nano SIM also allows manufacturers to offer some extra space in memory and therefore will make you able to enjoy the more storage place for your important data.

Slim phones
Small size and less thickness of nano SIM will give birth to more slim and sleek telecommunication devices. Slim and sleek mobile phones are not only looking great but at the same time adding a style statement to its owner. Slim mobile phones are easy to carry and easy to operate.

Nano SIM has a comparatively high safety in the comparison with other SIM cards. These cards will come in a safe package that will specifically design for them. The customer will able to put their nano sim in those packing after use and this will protect the card from damage and misplacing. Another plus point of its packaging is that it will be 100% environmentally friendly and hence you will enjoy the latest technology without harming your surroundings.

Many people may think that with the invention of nano Sims and latest models designed with a view of nano SIM size will need to stop use of all former mobile phones because they all have spaces suitable for regular Sims and micro Sims. As with the invention of micro Sims, people had an option to cut their regular Sims via SIM cutter to make them micro Sims are also have an option to use nano SIM as regular SIM by using SIM adapters. Therefore, there is no need to buy latest and expensive nano SIM phones.

These are some expected benefits of nano sims it can possible that technologists may explore some new and more effective benefits of nano sims. ETSI is still making amendments in its design to make it standard one with lots of customer benefits.

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