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What is Phablet (Smartphone + Tablet)?

What is Phablet (Phone + Tablet)?

Phablet  is a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet. It is an informal class of smartphones with screen sizes ranging between 5 and 7 inches.

Phablet are primarily designed to combine the functionality of a smartphone with that of a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note – a Phablet (Smartphone and Tablet)

Difference between Smartphone and Tablet
While a phablet is larger in size than most smartphones, they are smaller in size and thinner than most miniature and full sized tablets, making them more convenient for users to carry with them.

Phablets are typically optimized for mobile web access and multimedia consumption activities,  which are enhanced by their relatively larger screens than most smartphones.

Some phablets (in particular, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series) also ship with a stylus and include software functionality for use with them (such as notetaking and annotation features).

Popularity of phablet devices has grown signifigantly since the launch of the Galaxy Note in January 2013.

Sale of Phablets
IHS reported that 25.6 million phablet devices were sold in 2012, and estimated that these figures would grow to 60.4 million in 2013, and 146 million by 2016.

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