Where PTCL EVO Broadband works with Full Speed of 3.1 Mbps : Now Peshawar Joins

Where PTCL EVO Broadband works with speed of 3.1 Mbps:

EVO Broadband Enabled Cities are:

Note: All others cities where PTCL Wireless 1900 MHz or 450 MHz works, the EVo will works on Speed of  1X (153 kbps)

EVO PTCL Broadband Cities :

1. Karachi
2. Lahore
3. Islamabad
4. Rawalpindi
5. Peshawar
6. Gujranwala
7. Gujrat
8. Jhelum
9. Sialkot
10. Faisalabad
11. Mirpur
12. Muzzafarabad
13. Sukkhar
14. Hyderabad
15. Quetta
16. Kamonki
17. Bahawalpur
18. Multan
19. Attock

EVO Broadband Pakistan’s is Fastest 3G Wireless broadband internet, Now available in the city of Khyber Pukhtoon Khah Province – PESHAWAR

EVO wireless broadband delivers the web wherever you are; at blazing 3G speeds. With EVO, we let you Spend less time waiting and more time working and visiting your favorite web sites, accessing media rich applications, at home on your desktop or on the move on your laptop.
With the unsurpassed & amazing speed of upto 3.1Mbps, backed by the country’s largest Wireless service provider; EVO Wireless Broadband is enabling the wireless broadband revolution at its best in Pakistan. Employing the latest 3G technology, EVO has expanded its EVDO coverage in almost 20 cities nationwide and the little dongle converts automatically to CDMA mode providing low sped connectivity in Non-EVDO coverage areas with 450MHz frequency.
The Unsurpassed 3G experience bundled with a variety of package options that suit your needs as well as your pocket, and the flexibility to roam freely anywhere in Peshawar; What’s more; now you can get your EVO at amazingly low prices starting Rs.799/month only; making “PTCL EVO the Ultimate choice of Mobile Broadband for the Next Generation.


  1. i like comment of tired of ptcl. karachi mey evo new year package ke service hy.loggooo ko loot rahy .

  2. evo ka nowshera me na chalnay ki kya waja ho sakti hy?????????????? 🙁

  3. Salaam,, I want to ask that does any wirless service working in mansahra kpk pakistan.. if yes, please tell me which one?
    I ll be very greatfull.
    Habib Awan,

  4. Please complaint to PTCL for slow speed of Evo 3g in Dera ghazi khan.
    I’v tried every thing , Antena , open areas bt we only get 100kb max.
    This is problem in all dera ghazi khan.

  5. i got evo in PKR 3400 white from Islamabad but speed is too slow jus 2 ,3kbps ….plz is there any sloution to get full speed if not ….ptcl walon tum bhot zalam ho

  6. zabardast hai yarrr…….thumz up to ptcl…….mere pass 3.1 mbps hai aur rapidlly kaam krta hai…aur men jahan rehta hun wahan electricty bhi nhn phr bhi evo chalta hai mera.in logun ka 100 wala huga na iss lye roo rahen hen

  7. Tired of PTCL says:

    blazing speed? baba g ka ghatnta saalo hosh k naakhun lo aur zra si sharam hai tou make it better atleast 100kb.

  8. Tired of PTCL says:

    wtf? they are looking for new customers bhenchod, what about those who are getting tired of this slow ass network? I don’t believe it I bought it again. last time had enough but i was helpless coz there is no other network in my area, so I bought evdo again yesterday, thought it would be better now, but all I am getting is 15kb on this 3.1mb since 2 hours now with full signals. I just wana say this k bhenchodo paise chahiyen tou road pe bheek mango saalo. ghatiya service bhenchod. yeh company ko manage krne walay mill jaye saalon ko line mein khara kr k moon pe moot maroon. kutti k bachay gandu saalay! fuqray madarchod

  9. Fuck ptcl evo..plz dont buy nai to bad mein patchtao ga

  10. Akhtar Zaman Khattak says:

    Why Evo usb is not working in District Nowshera and its rounded areas like Nizampur, Can we use this 3g pen drive with vwireless network,
    Any solution please

  11. M.ijaz khan says:

    Salam, EVO is working in most part of KPK, Evo is slow like GPRS all over KPK , evo is a bit faster in Peshawar. I need information about 3g service in KPK, which working best in KPK.

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