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Wireless local loop (WLL) sector in Pakistan – a downward trend!

Wireless local loop (WLL) sector in Pakistan – a downward trend?
KARACHI (June 24, 2011) : Subscribers base of wireless phone operators is witnessing continuous contraction with stroke of competition within the sector and cellular operators in its targeted market.

The subscriptions on different wireless local loop (WLL) have declined almost 2 percent or 43,000 in three months from February to April 2011 as reported by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The number of users in December has shown a decrease of 93,427.

The WLL operators have been facing tough situation to retain their users in their market despite low rates for domestic and local calls, SMS and Internet packages. Analysts said that low quality of service, loss marketing and stiff competition are the reasons that cause contraction of subscribers constantly switching their networks from cellular operators. Analysts said that the reduction of WLL subscribers’ base was significant as they were the subscribers whose validity of connections have been finished on the network of WLL companies.
“Their operations losses are increasing while their revenues are on the decline,” they said.
The wireless phone operators suffered cutting-edged competition with six players in the market and two of them have left to join broadband sectors recently.
WLL services are mostly used for commercial purposes in the form of public call office —particularly in rural areas whereas some operators have introduced these services through handset as mobile phone set to push up users’ growth constantly in industrials sector as well.
PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) has held its larger share with
1.3 million customers in the country followed by TeleCard with 722,701 subscribers in tele-service market. Similarly, WorldCall has 437,766 WLL subscribers after impressive growth.
(Published in “DailyTimes” on June 25, 2011)

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