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WorldCall Telecom Earned Rs 290.25 Millions Profit in 2011

WorldCall Telecom Earned Rs290.25 Millions Profit in 2011

KARACHI (January 30, 2012) : WorldCall Telecom Limited has posted Rs 290.250 million as profit after tax in the year ended December 31, 2011 as compared to after tax loss of Rs 1,147.006 million in the corresponding period in 2010.
The board of directors of the company in its meeting held on January 27, 2011 declared that the company’s earning per share stood at Re 0.34 in the period under review against per share loss of Rs 1.33 in the same period a year back.
According to the financial results sent to Karachi Stock Exchange on Monday, the company’s net revenue increased to Rs 8.001 billion in 2011 against Rs 7.464 billion in 2010. The direct cost reduced to Rs 6.012 billion in 2011 against Rs 6.615 billion in 2010.
The company posted Rs 100.837 million as profit before taxation in 2011 against loss before taxation of Rs 1,511.453 million in 2010.

(Published in Business Recorder on 31-01-2012)

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  1. Anybody can give update about the current situation of the employees salaries. Are they giving the rights to employees.
    Please give some concrete answer without speculation. If curruption exists in the company it can be highlighted to the Board of Directors and Chairman. You just need a solid proof to kill those corrupt managers in Operations and Finance.

  2. I just joined worldcall lahore office i heared many stories that I will not get salary till 3 or 4 month can any budy had such experience

  3. Ali you are right i agree with you i am one of effected person of WTL… Just Corruption nothing else… no Medical, No fuel, No Salary since three months and making us fool by hiring new directors… few of the managers think that by stopping their workers to go on strike! what does it mean! Clearly, that they are corrupt… in lahore more then 250 staff of technical went on strike on 9th of July… Just demanding for their rights!… salaries what else… their landlord giving them answer to empty the house! the most worst is some employees already sold everything almost everything to sleep they have only bedsheet not bed…

  4. Worldcall telecom fuckd up now .. they dont have money for office supplies tea and salaries of employees ..services are going up to the worst mark ..CEO and other company asset they did nothing except corruption . Employees are waiting for salaries and this fuckd management cant do anything ! they dont even think ! Worst system then any goverment sector ..

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