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PTCL Broadband Wi-Fi

Broadband Wi-Fi

PTCL has launched a Broadband WiFi Service to its fixed line Broadband that gives users the access to use broadband service any where with in a house.

  • Pakistan’s fastest broadband service with in house WiFi facility
  • Multiple people can access high speed broadband at the same time on a single broadband connection.
  • Secure, password enabled protection to avoid any misuse
  • Broadband connectivity with all WiFi enabled devices including, Desktops, laptops, PSP and cell phones etc.
  • Strong WiFi signal up to 54Mbps


1Mbps Broadband Rs 1399
2Mbps Broadband Rs 2199
4Mbps Broadband Rs 5199


Q No. 1.   What does WiFi mean?
The term WiFi means Wireless fidelity. WiFi allows local area networks (LAN’s) to be deployed without wires for clients’ devices.

Q No. 2.  What is a WiFi Technology
WiFi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed internet and network connections. WiFi works without any physically wired connection between sender and receiver by using radio frequency (RF) technology.

Q No. 3.   What is PTCL Broadband WiFi Service?
PTCL Broadband WiFi Service provides its fixed line broadband customers with high speed wireless broadband connectivity any where with in the house.

Q No. 4.   What are the benefits of PTCL Broadband WiFi Service?

PTCL Broadband WiFi service enables multiple and simultaneous broadband connectivity sessions using multiple devices such as Desktops, Laptops, PSP’s etc in a wire free home environment.

  • It provides a quick and wire free Broadband and Smart TV installation at the customers premises.
  • It enables in-house wireless broadband connectivity on the fastest fixed line broadband connection in Pakistan
  • It is secured through password enabled protection to ensure that only the household users can access the service.

Q No. 5.  What is the Difference between Wireless broadband and WiFi DSL?
Wireless products such as Wi-Max and GPRS etc provides long range connectivity however these products have drawbacks such as inconsistency in connectivity and loss of signals depending on various factors such as change in weather or congestion in network etc. Whereas WiFi is a short range wireless technology that offers consistent and reliable broadband connectivity at the customer’s premises and users’ can enjoy the fastest fixed line broadband connectivity with flexibility to move any where with in the house.

Q No. 6.  What hardware does a computer require to access a wireless network?
Any computer or Laptop would need an internal or external wireless network adopter to be WiFi enabled. More over PTCL also provides a WiFi enabled USB dongle / Stick, in case the customer does not have a WiFi enabled system i.e. desktop PC etc.

Q No. 7.  Do I need to buy a wireless card for my PC?
PTCL provides a WiFi enabled USB dongle / Stick along with a WiFi modem in case the customer does not have a WiFi enabled card / device with his PC or Laptop.

Q No. 8.  What is the Signal Strength and range of a WiFi Modem?
WiFi modem offers strong signals with in a house. WiFi modem can be placed anywhere in the premises to access high speed fixed line broadband any where in the house.

Q No. 9. Does a WiFi modem drop signals while using both Smart TV and Broadband at the same time?
There is no effect on the signal strength and you will receive full bandwidth for connectivity on both Smart TV and Broadband.

Q No.10.  Does PTCL provide network security for Broadband WiFi Service?
Yes, PTCL offers network security for Broadband WiFi service. Our customer premises installer will install and password restrict the wireless network connection at the customer’s premises to avoid any possibility of misuse. The password can later be reset / changed by the customer himself.

Q No.11   Is the WiFi network affected by weather
Since WiFi is an indoor limited range signal transferring technology therefore weather change has no effect on the performance of Broadband WiFi service.

Q No.12. What are the charges for PTCL Broadband WiFi Service
PTCL Broadband WiFi Service is charged additional Rs 200 only added to the prevailing monthly broadband bandwidth charges

Following are the monthly Broadband WiFi Service Charges

Bandwidth Speed Charges
1. DSL – 1Mbps Rs 1399 per month
2. DSL – 2Mbps Rs 2199 per month
3. DSL – 4 Mbps Rs 5199 per month



  1. I have a modem with WiFi AN 1020-25. Most of the time it shows disconnected for wifi. I have complaint so many times, but it does not resolve the issue.
    I don’t know what the hell is there going on?

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  7. i am student and as compare to other countries PTCL net is so expensive, and most of the students can’t afford broadband net.

  8. HY Sir, we need DSL in mithkhel karak please provid the DSL in mith khel as soon as possible

  9. ptcl should produce a package for student on wifi at rs 1000 for 1mbps…in this ptcl can gain 200rs commission atleast per student ……….this is not a loss


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