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PTCL EVO Wireless Broadband

Evo now offers a wide variety of exciting packages that are designed to meet

your lifestyle. Along with the existing variety of Postpaid as well as Prepaid packages, EVO now introduces three exciting new Volume Based packages ,that are custom made to meet your changing needs.

EVO Prepaid Packages

Evo Volume Based Packages

Packages Monthly Charges Volume Additional Usage / Mb
GO Rs. 799 1 GB Rs. 2
2GB LITE Rs. 1199 2 GB Rs.1.5
Wiz Rs. 1499 5 GB Rs. 0.75
Max Rs. 1999 Unlimited Rs.0

Evo Time Based Packages

Packages Monthly Charges Time Additional Usage / Hour
Day Pass Rs. 100/Day 24 Consecutive Hours
LITE Rs. 1199 50 Hours / 30 Days Validity Rs.21
MAX Rs. 1999 Unlimited / 30 Days Validity Rs. 0

Postpaid Packages

Billing Options Monthly
Option 1 PTCL Landline Billing Rs. 2000 Bill in PTCL Landline
Option 2 Advance Line Rent Rs. 2000 Advance payment at PTCL OSS or Designated Bank

*Monthly service charges will be payable at start of each month at PTCL One Stop Shops or Customer Service Centers

Device Price
For subscriber having landline
Option 1 USB Device Rs. 3999 Upfront
Option 2 PCMCIA Connect Card Rs. 999 Upfront



  1. Is ptcl unlimited package good for usage??? Plz tell me

  2. plz dont use 1 day package of 100 Rs its a fraud which is kept secret by evo company, after usage of 1 gb it will give u a speed of 20 kb, but u wil not find this add in any news, evo management says k its unlimited, NAQALON SE HOSHIAR

  3. Evo is just a shit..i lost 17 thousnds U.S dollers in last 5days jst because of this shit.. it is block and i complaint from last one week but no one do there duties…just puff

  4. i want 2 sale my EVO device….anybody purchase it…./.?

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