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  1. Thank You BBC Urdu sairbeen like PTCL for Reopen this website.

  2. lam a regular listener of bbc urdu service from last 20 yrs when Yawar Abas sab Uobaid Sadeeqi sab Rashad Ashraf sab Asif Galani sab etc.were the famous voices.Now a days the most popular voice on bbc is Shafi sab .Bbc is really an independent and informative for mostly the Asians.But from last few years bbc is much inclining towards Pakistan .Bbc must know that there is great number of urdu speaking population in lndia especially in our jammu andkashmir .My humble request to bbc is to start a programme on jammu and kashmir on its social cultural economic etc aspects.

  3. bbc urdu kia bat karon is k tareef k ley mary pas alfaz he naheen !khas kar k sairbeen.

  4. very good work done but your sound system is too low

  5. khabron men sab se agar mara hai bazi..dunya men hai abhi BBC BBC BBC

  6. Shahid Hussain Kanwer

    What a reply from MQM that every pillar of Pakistan must act under there jurisdiction, than Mr Altaf Hussain no 1 u are not pakistani national,please first cancil ur british nationality and stop running a syndicate whom u people called MQM from london as a pakistani i feel forget Supreme court or Pakistan constitutaion u r not allowed to make any comments about our respected judjes and please stop making karachi people fool, Zindabad supreme court of Pakistan !

  7. pakistani electronic media is a very dangerous virus

    Which nation and religions honest and justice and human being they has make the success. but electronic media disaster of pakistani nation. past and future thinking has remove carry of the present. and we has forget our identy. who we are. what is our future and what is our religion. ” are we born for eating ? here born has virus. every think is big before time. and going from hand. ages is less. there is non feyer. medile class people life has upset. pakistani electronic media from poer. sexulay. crime. tarrest. reject and all society are going for distrab. pakitani media accpte our duty .



  9. i like your news.

  10. Geo Pakistan Judiciary.

  11. Stop media war against Pakistan, Pakistan has sacrificed above its stamina. Appreciate it, do’t say do more

  12. Please enlighten the role of Pakistan against terrorism, Pakistan has scarified much more for this cause.

  13. Geo Pakistan Forces.

  14. so importatnt job to keep aware peoples what is going on in the world, i appereciate the role of media in pakistan.

  15. excellent results, thank u bbc for keeping aware about global

  16. Please guide us we want to listen the program sairbeen on bbc news. we are waiting your quick response. . .

    Thanks. . ..

  17. My Opinion that Pakistani private TV canal. you give what to Pakistani nation. Only brain grooming , brain wash, brain torcher.The New generation is backbone of Pakistan. These are medel class they have no Education, no health no displan of life, and no jobs. Pakistani private TV canal. you are doing for supporting of Pakistani new generation. these are helpless you should help of human rights.

  18. I am lisner to BBC urdu service. My BBC urdu id number is 4333.
    BBC urdu service the best bulletin nice check balance. the lisner donot take any dibration. pakistani privet T.v channel not successful they give dibration of pakistani nation. They have no rule of News My request to BBC they should be focus this point about pakistani privet channel rule of law. (Thank you)

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