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An Open Letter of Mr. Rehman (VSS Optee) to PTCL Employees in view of expected second VSS scheme in PTCL

The PTCL officers from 18 grade to the uper grades, they are the main problems for workers they engaged ptcl workers on duty for long hours than the actual duties by threating/blackmailing for action so that the workers do their job from 8:00 to 20:00. beside this, officer take action for nothing to threat employee,in the result PTCL employees are doing their jobs for long hours than the actual duty and getting frustrated and thinking to leave the job by 2nd phase of VSS,

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Second phase of VSS scheme in PTCL?

Rumors about 2nd phase of VSS in PTCL are becoming loud. There is no stop of news about VSS or golden shake hand before June, 2010. Employees of PTCL are in great difficulties. their day and night thinking are lot of about their future.

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