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Muhammad Akram ES NGN Bahawalpur commented on expected VSS

Expected forthcoming VSS

1. The formula of VSS should be double:
The formula of VSS should be double from previous VSS due to highly increased dearness. The previous VSS opted employees mostly have spent their amounts they received which proved very little for their needs for rest of their lives and now they are jobless and in very poor condition. Some have wasted their all belongings in different business experiments due to lack of experience.

2. VSS should be with reasonable pension:
VSS should be with reasonable pension for all so that most of us have lead major part of our life and are not in condition to do any hard work. Also we have no experience of business. So VSS should be with reasonable pension for all employees so that “GHAR KA CHOOLHA JALTA RAHAI”.

3. If this VSS does not meet above criteria:
If this VSS does not meet above criteria , we should not accept/opt it and retain our services and don’t sign any modification in service rules & regulation offered by company. Company can not modify our service rules & regulation itself as per PTCL act 1996 and SALES PURCHASE AGREEMENT between Govt. of Pakistan and Ettisalat.

Muhammad Akram
ES NGN Bahawalpur
T/No. 062-2883000, 062-2889995
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  1. I want to VSS not continue job in PTCL

  2. The minority share holder rather than 15-20% instead of 26% in view of amount $800 (M) are yet to be paid and the $ 400 (M) took an illegal concession from Musharaf govt while the black deal against the national interest was under-way (Ref. a leanding newspaper). The said PTCL Management in colusion of the present govt. and media are not sincer with PTCL, its employees and with country and the Nation, result is very clear to showing huge revene declining from 2005 to 2011, then how we can expect from these plundrers for a good news, so be concious as to what is new game has to be played with PTCL deprived employees in the era when rest of the government employees amongst whome most are not belongs from the earning departments are joying to having been obliged with revised Pay Scales 2011, 20% increase, medical Rs.500 to 2000, Conveyance allowance etc but we are outrightly deprived-off and now in overwhelm of VSS, golden shake hand etc.despite the actual work force and source of income for PTCL, upon whome the Management, government and media are deriving without any toil and effort.

  3. and employees opted VSS serve the PTCL on very low salaries as compare form current packages, when you are getting more than Govt Scale than there is No right for Pension like other limited companies or corporation like PIA etc.

  4. No there is no right to receive more amount from the employees receive
    in first VSS, because the in the VSS most experience employees were pressed to opt VSS.
    At present the employee are not such qualified as compare to employees in opted VSS.
    They are doing the job of Engineering , Accounts, Administration and what required etc etc.

    Is there any one like them. NO

  5. pehlay walay penssioners ko 2010, 2011 and ab 2011 to 2012 ( fin years ) ke barhee hoee pension nahi milee etisalate aap ko jo in service hain kia day gee in 2 saloon mein govt of pak nay 15% + 25 % med ab is saal 15% penssion berhai hay ptcl ( red ) mulazmeen ko total 55 % berhee hoee penssion say 8% mil rahi hay ankheen kholoo demagh istemal karoo

  6. hi.

    There is no VSS, GPS, CSS, CCNA, CNG, LPG, MMS, GPRS, for all PTCL employees.
    Only THAINGA for all.

    < \

  7. please do not accept any kind of vss without pension.

  8. save your future. Don’t accept forthcoming vss without pondering. First of all you should think about what are you going to leave (your future earnings through your jobs). Then think, what is the company giving other than your amount of commutation and gratuity and pension etc, (as it is your legitimate right which you can en-cashed any time.)

  9. ab to vss or css aa hi jaye jesa k sun or parh rehain hain

  10. Assalam o alaikum :
    All is this confirm that vss or css will come soon?

  11. Pointer Men's Basketball

    Best you could make changes to the blog name title Muhammad Akram ES NGN Bahawalpur commented on expected VSS | PTCL Workers to more generic for your blog post you write. I enjoyed the post nevertheless.

  12. Dear All, Assalam-o-Alaykum,
    I will opt VSS if it will be reasonable with handsome amount regarding ‘GHAR KA CHOOLHA JALTA RAHAY’. Can any body tell that when VSS will come?

  13. Dear All, Assalam-o-Alaykum,
    I will opt VSS if it will be reasonable with handsome amount regarding ‘GHAR KA CHOOLHA JALTA RAHAY’. Can any body tell that when VSS will come?

  14. ptcl workers should not look at the union for the solution of their problems rather they must do themselves

  15. Muhammad Afzal Malik

    I can opt VSS if the amount is doubled as compared to previous one and also the pension (equal to current pay (basic+incentive+good conduct) and medical facility are given to me.


  17. Sab Choot hay koi VSS nahi a raha hay.

  18. good share, great article, very useful for us…thank you

  19. Future is outsource and only enginner will be seclect whole PTCL and vender system started no any bright future lower PTCL staff so help to god VSS louch with penssion.

  20. if the company give us doubble amount from first phease of vss and medical and pension will also be implement we will be opted otherwise the service will be continue and not opted/ signed in and form .

  21. If pension will be provided in coming VSS we will opt it.

  22. Muhammad Tahir Younus Baig

    V.V.Very good comments of Mr.Muhammad Akram ES NGN about expected coming VSS

  23. I don’t want VSS I want to continue my job in PTCL till my retirement. Inshallah our pay will be double before this July. I request all of PTCL employees please please don’t take VSS……………..The future is PTCL.

    • Dear Kashif sb plz informed are you NCPG ao Regular employ when you 100 ./. soure salary is double blz woke up and dont miss gide

  24. If company provide the best amount better than previos vss with pension & medical facilty ,it must be availed positively.

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