Why Mr. Muhammad Nadeem UDC in PTCL Faisalabad, is dis-hearted and angry on unions leaders?

An Open Letter to Unions Leaders and Management:

I read the appeal of Mr. Zulfiqar who is my class fellow at GCT Samanabad Faisalabad.

I am also diploma holder (Electrical)and working as UDC since 1995. I requested to Higher management many times that we are not only departmental but employee sons also. Having Technical qualification we did not given any chance in PTCL to serve as Engineering Supervisor. On other Hand we may be seen hundreds of employees appointed from out side since 1995 to up to date who have same qualification but we are still refused.

We are very angry/dishearted from our unions who could not fight for us.

On other Hand our NCPG Brothers having same qualification many of them are in lower in grade have been considered Engineer Supervisor with out conducting any departmental test or criteria.

So, for this plate form we are requesting all of our well-wishers to please look into that kind of injustices which are hurting our senior departmental employees who are qualified and working in lower grades under unqualified or junior staff.

Union Leaders are also responsible for this situation.

Muhammad Nadeem



Email: nadeem.ftr@gmail.com


  1. muhammad tahir says:

    it is very diffrent i join ptcl 1995 as lineman then i was f.a .but 1997 ptcl appointeh metric secince as telecom tech but i was also metric with secince but till doing as line man i try to best but icoult not succed then 2002 i got b.a degree for better fuchter i but i could not succed for get any promoution it my badluck .in 1995 which was my jonier in 1997 he was my senior .he metric seince i also metric sencie + b.a plz tell me are this justuce? in my country.

  2. Muhammad Zeshan says:

    Dear Muhammad Nadeem, I 100% agreed with You.

  3. Dear Mr. Jawad I read your reply against my application which is earlier submitted in this blog. My dear I think you did not read my appeal/message properly. I wrote about those Daily Wagers who are now called NCPGS and asked the criteria for which they were selected as engineer supervisor without conducting any test/interview in ptcl. If they could have selected for the said post with out any criteria then why we people who are serving ptcl since last 15 years having seniority, employee son quota and departmental also. Sir, for your kind knowledge Employee son quata is being implemented in many departments of Pakistan i.e SNGP (50%) PIA(33%) WAPDA (33%) Railway (33%) so it means according to you all they are not eligible.?

  4. jawad ahmed says:

    Sir It is not a qualification to be an employee son or departmental,I am opposite of a quota system I welcome merit If you are eligible then please apply for ES through proper channel when post are published

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